That’s Hillary explained then

Mild bump to head increases risk of psychiatric problems and early death

8 thoughts on “That’s Hillary explained then”

  1. @ Pat
    Any boy who headed a wet muddy football in the old days when they were made of rain-absorbing leather.
    Is *that* why women live longer than men?

  2. I wonder what would happen if Hillary carked it two weeks before the election

    Funnily enough, I was wondering exactly the same thing this morning after seeing the videos of her “Ice Cold Drink” seizure, her podium freeze and being helped up some stairs by a crowd of staffers and security like a grandma in her ’90s.

    I doubt she would actually cark it, but a major stroke causing paralysis during late October would be pretty hard to hide even for the Clinton’s who are masters of denial of the bloody obvious.

    I don’t think the election can be deferred, so it seems to me the Democrats would have to put up a new candidate (or probably two, since the Veep position is primarily to offset concerns that voters have with the main candidate).

    My biggest fear is that The Sith would attempt to use the excuse to remain in the Whitehouse. *Shudder*

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