The new 16 peerages – including Shami Chakrabarti as a new Labour peer

There is no anti-semitism in the Labour Party…..

13 thoughts on “The new 16 peerages – including Shami Chakrabarti as a new Labour peer”

  1. JC – “Hi Shami, how’s the report coming along?”

    SC – “well, I think we’ve got a few issues here, you know, could be problematic”.

    JC – “Are you sure about that, Baroness Chakarabati?”

    SC – “Actually, there’s no issues at all, Jeremy”…

  2. In all seriousness, I was never a fan of SC at Liberty (Brithsh understatement…) – she always seemed to have a very left-wing view of civil liberties, and was never there to defend the liberties of those with whom she did not agree politically. Definitely not one of the “I dislike what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” types. She was only interested in defending liberties insofar as it contributed to pushing her leftwing agenda, and everyone else could go hang.

    I guess her view of civil liberties was very much like Erdogan’s democracy bus – when she reaches her stop, she gets off.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset


    When she started at Liberty I thought she was OK but, as you point it, she soon showed left wing tendencies.

    If she had been apolitical as she used to claim she would have become a cross benches and not a Labour peer.

  4. @BiND,

    Well, she could hardly have been cross-bench when she joined the Labour party a year ago…

    And what kind of “independent” review is carried out by a member of the organisation? Not to mention the peerage thing…

  5. Liberty has been a Left front-group for as long as I can recall. It has no interest in liberty, which is why it’s called ‘Liberty’.

    See what they did there?

  6. Ah, a bit like “Labour” for people allergic to work, or “Liberal” Democrats who think watching TV without the Beeb’s permission should be a criminal offence.

    Also Liberal “Democrats” that think we should ignore the Brexit result.

    Yep, I see what they did there.

  7. The Meissen Bison

    Jeremy Corbyn was already making my sides ache and then he goes and pulls a stunt like this!

    I’m thinking that there must be a householder in Ely across whose limited mental horizon the dreadful realisation may have flitted, that by being a little more accommodating he too might have worn ermine.

    So a sad day for some on an occasion of national hilarity.

  8. What’s worrying is that the corruption has become so blatant.

    They know that we know and don’t give a stuff.

    Cameron’s bungs were bad enough, but this is the worst example of corruption.

  9. In my day, shamis were used to clean the bird shit off car windscreens. Certain aspects of life have got materially worse since then.

  10. Tim

    Surely some fish in the barrel to be shot in his first two posts which are pooterish even by his standards this morning if you are at a loose end?

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