The real question here

I am not as yet proposing answers. I have posed questions for Labour over the last few days. My rules on not being abusive apply. Any suggestions?

In particular, and of most interest, how is Opposition to be managed because this matters most to me, and many in this country?

Who is going to give me my sodding peerage?

4 thoughts on “The real question here”

  1. Why doesn’t Murph dream up the one true Labour Party on his ipad? One of his so-called mind-maps, or scary glimpses into a vacant mind as neo liberal trolls term them.

    Surely he would like to lead the one true opposition

  2. Stand for Parliament Richard on the platform of speaking truth to power on behalf of civil society.

    The people require you in the country’s time of need. Cometh the hour, cometh the man!

    (c) Ivan Horrocks

    PS, were your stools checked today? If not, I have a window between 6-8pm this evening if you can produce a sample or if you retained one.

  3. BraveFart

    So true!

    I am hoping Horrocks is incapacitated somehow – he is over 70 – haven’t seen him on TRUK in a while – I am guessing he may be horrified that Murphy is rejecting Corbyn.

    also, I am not sure he has much time for the intricacies of ‘bourgeois democracy’ – he is more comfortable with Lists of ‘politically unsound’ people who can be ‘transported’ I would think…

  4. Forget the Labour Party, the Murphmonster is seemingly awaiting the call from the new incumbent at No.10 according to my local organ

    Refers to him as Mr, and not Professor. I’m surprised he didn’t refer to his professorship.

    Oh, I dropped a link to this blog in the comments. If it makes it past the censors (god, I hope its not Murphy moderating), you’ll have a few more of us carrot-crunching fen-gibbons reading your excellent blog, Timmy.

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