The thing I don’t believe but which I was told today

The Ace of Spades, which we know of as coming from Lemmy and Motorhead, was written by George Formby.

Deeply unconvinced somehow.

13 thoughts on “The thing I don’t believe but which I was told today”

  1. Just been trying to play it through on a ukulele and sing it with a George Formby accent.

    It’s kinda amusing….

  2. It seems clear that George Formby is singing it, and the lyrics match…. unless I’m missing something…

    Yet Lemmy claimed he wrote it (with other band members?).

    This is good enough by itself…and the Queen’s favourite song? No real reason to disbelieve that.

    Very fine fact of the day. The only question is why hasn’t George Formby’s estate creaked into action – unless he never actually wrote it himself. Still not Lemmy though

  3. This was a meme before we had memes. Many decades ago I was assured by several acquaintances that GF wrote the Chuck Berry song about his ding-a-ling. Which was, appropriately, absolute bollocks.

  4. Chris, I did actually know that, having been a massive fan of Fats Domino and his main collaborator for the last 60 years. Not one of Dave’s better efforts, I agree.

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