There are cliches and then there are cliches

A Brazilian women’s rugby sevens player has become the first athlete to receive a marriage proposal at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games.

Isadora Cerullo, 25, was a member of the Brazil squad that narrowly missed out on reaching the knockout rounds.

After the medal ceremony following the first women’s rugby sevens final in Olympic history on Monday had ended, Marjorie Enya, Cerullo’s girlfriend and a manager at Deodoro Stadium, asked her to marry her.

10 thoughts on “There are cliches and then there are cliches”

  1. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    I was watching the ladies rugger and was pretty surprised at the quality. Compared to ladies football,this was much more exciting and skilful. I was particularly impressed by how teams took advantage of their opponents’ errors. Some of these .. er.. girls had only been playing a couple of years.

    The team that Canada put up against GB in the 3rd place match looked especially scary.

  2. @dearieme

    Hookers are still called Hookers in ladies rugby.

    The jokes are the same old jokes as used in the men’s game.

  3. I always found touch rugby utterly useless. It’s as jessie as basketball. if you have an instinct to go in to rip the ball, then not going in is very hell. Anyway most rugby players need to improve their tackling, so bloody tackle.

    Otherwise play football (the indoor five-a-side version of which I always thoroughly enjoyed).

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