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We have a Pokemon tracker

How long before Niantic closes down this method?

And yes, it is slow. Has to be in order to implement it over a larger area.

9 thoughts on “We have a Pokemon tracker”

  1. Your Facebook share button is in Czech and the map doesn’t show any pokemons, at least on the two browsers tested (Firefox, Chrome)

  2. I’m still waiting for you to put out your own version of Pokemon Go, rather than simply making apps for the existing version.

    “Dangit, I can only ever find Murphmonsters in my city. How did my friend get that ToynBee?”

  3. It seems to need you to click quite close to where they are.

    I got up a map of where I live, with about a ten mile radius, and clicked on my house. Nothing appeared. But when I clicked on the nearest town, seven miles away and showing on the initial map screen, a couple of ugly looking critters appeared. However despite being within the bounds of the initial map screen, they hadn’t appeared until I clicked near them.

    Does that make sense? Sorry, lunch was somewhat liquid.

    Does that matter? Is it a bug, a feature, or a necessity when in more populated areas?

  4. It will only show near where you clicked, yes. We think that we’re showing perhaps 4 times more area than the map inside the game itself.

  5. If possible, it might be useful to put a circle on the map, centred on the point clicked on, to show the area that it’s actually searched; I initially assumed it searched the whole visible map and that, because it was blank, there weren’t any.

    But then I’m probably not your target market.

  6. I get a message saying that this page is unable to display a Google Maps element – and I don’t get the map loading.

    (Win 7, Firefox, NoScript and AdBlocker off)

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