Well, yes, rather so really

And then there will be awareness that trying to do anything to change this will mean giving up every Tuesday evening to meetings, and every other Thursday as well to the resolution drafting sub-committee you daftly agreed to serve on, plus Sundays at last once a month for a local general assembly where your carefully clause construction is torn apart by those who never bothered arriving on Thursday’s although they always said they would.

After which the decimated motion, that now looks nothing like the sentiment you were so sure everyone had apparently agreed upon in advance, is sent to regional conference, to which you must give up a weekend every three months, after which it, along with fourteen other broadly similar mashed-up motions is passed to a composite committee, none of whose members you have heard of and you aren’t to sure about because no-one can be quite sure who nominated them, who then send it to annual conference, where the process is restarted and the only bit left that you can recognise at the end of the day is the statement that ‘Conference agrees’ and the fact that the clauses are still in numerical order. Worse, the debate at Conference is then guillotined because the first morning session over-ran and so discussion is reduced to just 30 minutes after which conference does indeed agree, but to refer it back for further consideration. In the meantime the leadership feels free to say what it wants, and has to, because the world cannot wait for the report back to take place.

Yes I know this sounds horribly cynical but this is the real world of bottom up politics, which Labour has actually had in something like this form for decades.

And Ritchie insists that this process should rule ever more of our lives…..

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  1. All of this derives from fury and spite. Ritchie never had a problem with any of this when he still thought he was on the inside. Back then he was delerious at spending a summer on stumps with Jeremy. Back then he never once hinted that he ever wondered if there might have been a reason Corbyn spent 30 years as a backbench parliamentary nonentity. Back then he told us what a pleasure it had been to meet Jeremy’s son. Back then he wrote breathlessly about his summer (I mean, wow, he was even prepared to postpone for a year a trip to Dachau).

    Now he insists his exposure to Corbyn and McDonnell and their incompetence is the reason for the loss.of his support. Now he is horrified that Jeremy’s inexperienced son is given an economics job (which he hadn’t been coveting you understand). Now he finds fault with the Corbynista programme every say.
    A frind in the PCS once warned me of the danger of not indulging Ritchie’s narcissistic complex, how he always ALWAYS rembers a perceived slight and seeks revenge. Even so, his complex staggers me.

  2. Ironman

    Spot on – remember his continual attacks on the OCBT for example – ironically I think the abuse became so personal they blocked him on Twitter, generating a hilarious exchange where he accused them of trying to ‘silence him’. As you say, the sheer spitefulness of the guy beggars belief. It’s hard to imagine the mindset that could generate such bile

    This quote is worth putting in, though:

    ‘The success of a whole social movement on the left is dependent upon someone having an answer and on this occasion I really do not have one to offer.’

    Apparently he always ‘has the answers’ – I mean seriously, he needs urgent help…..

  3. Van_Patten: How can you be so cruel towards someone who survived Dachau – nay, someone for whom Dachau was specifically built to persecute.

  4. MatthewL

    That was a nadir even for him – however, it isn’t hard to imagine Murphy in Dachau, albeit perhaps not in the role he envisages…….

  5. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Anyone who’s ever spent any time around the sort of weirdoes who think this is a viable use of their time will have been sorely tempted to open a vein*. These people could bore for Britain. Sadly it is only because normal people don’t have the stamina to involve themselves in the process that these ghastly and fanatical nebbishes get to lord it over us.

    * they tend to emerge in the larval stage in the Sixth Form. Such people should be shunned.

  6. Bicr – I agree – I don’t also think it’s a matter of stamina- they lack the time and patience to deal with being called every type of bigot or to endure hours of tedium with people who despite often being white, middle class and from expensive schools insist on showing ‘solidarity’ with every allegedly oppressed minority…..

  7. Noel

    He needs sectioning for his own health as much as the good of society – I don’t think I had realised how unstable he is – I feel vindicated certainly in describing him as ‘one of the most dangerous men in Britain, if not the world’

  8. I’ll tell you, you’re going to be in for a mighty shock when you realise just how timid and right wing John McDonnell really is

    LHTD, in another reply to the comment linked above

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