Yes, quite Professor Stiglitz

That leaves the fourth explanation: the euro is more to blame than the policies and structures of individual countries. The euro was flawed at birth. Even the best policymakers the world has ever seen could not have made it work. The eurozone’s structure imposed the kind of rigidity associated with the gold standard. The single currency took away its members’ most important mechanism for adjustment – the exchange rate – and the eurozone circumscribed monetary and fiscal policy.

And any political entity which would impose such a monstrosity on the citizenry should cease to exist.

Delenda est EU!

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  1. Not just impose the monstrosity, but unlike the UK and the Gold Standard, refuse to see the errors of its ways, and with no one held responsible politically for the disaster except its victims.

  2. Delenda est EU? That which is destroyed should be EU’d? Word order, lad, this isn’t poerty. EU delanda est. And EU is a grouping, a plural, so what case should you use? EU delandus est. The EU is destroyed? Is it? Imperative, boy, it’s a command, make the verbs agree. EU delandus erunt.

    Now write it out a thousand times.

  3. It’s not a flaw, it’s a feature.

    The Eurocretins want to force fiscal union as part of their grand plan.

    The Germans just think that the Southern periphery should become German.

    Needless to say the Germans are not in favour of the first (fiscal union) and the Southern periphery cannot become German, so it will collapse. Hopefully before it all ends, Merkel will be held up for ridicule as she rightly deserves.

    As for the Eurocretins, they should be tried and executed as Economic War Criminals in a repeat of Nuremberg Trials.

  4. It’s amazing that they introduced the Euro given the overwhelming opposition of economists and establishment media at the time.

    Oh wait…they were all in favour of it and branded people as loonies who raised these very same objections.

    Ho hum, I suppose you are always right if no one ever points out your errors.

  5. Death to the EU.

    That will be the day for medals. The Victory EU medal with a face in the likeness of Drunker’s death-mask on the reverse.

  6. I’m not sure they should be tried and executed for economic war crimes (perhaps as traitors) but I’d be happy with them being stripped of all pensions and trappings, and any personal monies accrued beyond the local average being seized, before they are cast into the world to sink or swim according to their own abilities.

  7. jgh

    Up to a point since only yesterday Tim was talking about learning Latin at school.

    But I’d contend that a grouping is always singular despite having many constituent parts and I should offer
    Concilium Europae delendum est.

    Incidentally, Praefecus Juncker semper ebrius.

  8. jgh:
    My lat. grammar is a bit rusty but my pendantry is still strong. I’d go with “EU delenda est”. A union being a singular entity (the point of it really) and delenda a gerundive – a thing to be destroyed.

  9. Interested

    The damage they’ve helped to cause in Greece alone is enough to try them for economic war crimes. By the time the Eurozone collapses, they will likely be responsible for the impoverishment of tens of millions and the collapse of polities. Greece has already gone through a depression on a par with fighting and losing a war.

  10. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Rident stolidi verba Latina.

    Of course Latin word order is highly flexible, so Cartago delenda est is as grammatically correct as delenda est Cartago.

  11. The normal Latin phrase for the European Union is Unio Europaea, which is feminine and singular, so the passive periphrastic Unio Europaea delenda est would be fine. Putting the delenda est bit first is grammatically fine, but a bit weird in normal speech as it stresses the destruction rather than what is to be destroyed, as if one might say “Destroyed! … the EU should be” in English

  12. Ken, any idea why so many economists talk about the dangers of Brexit – eg Tony Yates, Paul krugman, Simon Wren-Lewis – and yet ignore the catastrophic policies being followed by the EU?

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