You have to wonder

Is this the obituary writer picking up on Granny Weatherwax or did Sir Pterry pick up on the way the Duke spoke?

His wife “quite liked foreign food”, which he could not be doing with.

9 thoughts on “You have to wonder”

  1. I sneeze in threes

    Was he one of the richest men in the land or was the beneficiary of a wealthy trust? If he was that wealthly then IHT would be considerable

  2. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I don’t suppose you get to be third richest man in Britain by allowing the tax-man to stick his shovel in your granary. I would hope that if an HMRC inspector comes nosing around the new Duke will have him shot by the gamekeeper.

  3. sneezein3s


    But it doesn’t make a lot of difference in the sense that for those in that position it was always a case that they were nothing more than guardians for those that followed. They never truly “owned”.

  4. It makes the difference that instead of an IHT bill of 40% arriving out of the blue, a trust pays 6% every ten years. Over an average lifetime that adds up to much the same thing, but you can plan for it.

    Plus, of course, a trust protects money from a drunken heir blowing the lot, a divorce pillaging the lot, and so forth, which is the sort of reason that really justifies having a trust.

    Mind you, that’s assuming that the trust or trusts are under English law. In which case it/they would normally end after 80 years, wouldn’t they?

    Anyway, anyway, who says the family wealth is £9 billion? A journalist I suppose.

  5. What’s the average number of years you are the Duke, 40 maybe? Over several generations I’m sure there is still a good saving even with the new tax regime compared to IHT.

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