A very good line indeed

His co-author was Jerry B Jenkins, a born-again Christian who had ghosted Billy Graham’s memoirs and once said, “The literary-type writers, I admire them. I wish I was smart enough to write a book that’s hard to read, you know?”

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  1. Martin, anything by Salman Rushdie and that one by James Joyce.
    Salman because they are dire.
    The Joyce one because – they’re words Jim, just not as we know them.

  2. Some readers enjoy doing some of the work of understanding. If Timmy pointed out everything, the comments section would be empty.

  3. I’ve tried to read Ulysses a couple of times, but never managed to make it past the first page. I just wish Joyce had bothered to craft something rather than publish his rough notes.

  4. >I wish I was smart enough to
    >write a book that’s hard to
    >read, you know

    really, and no joke, I said almost the same thing over the summer when some kid (actually probablyearly 30s) told me that my options lecture was “the first time Ive undetstood variance gamma” … I replied too the effect that I had to make it simple, cause I couldnt undetstand the original papers

  5. I can’t agree with the Rushdie criticism. Much of my professional life is blighted with substandard, idiosyncratically-written Indlish. So to be reminded, now and again, that the grand master of the language, someone who can push it beyond its boundaries with panache, someone who gets his articles wrong deliberately rather than through sloppiness, is an Indian, does me good.

  6. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Most of the output of the po-mo crowd is indecipherable to obscure the fact that everything these people write is either banal, or nonsense, or banal nonsense.

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