Ahaha, snigger

VETERAN Labour MP Keith Vaz last night stood down from chairmanship of the Home Affairs Select Committee after he was exposed for paying young men for sex.

This is the subject of tomorrow’s ASI piece. So no more about it here today.

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Finally Vaz finds a way to contribute to the gaiety of the nation. So to speak.

    This has to be one of the most amusing things I have heard for a long time. And way to go against ethnic stereotypes there Keith. Although at least the young men seem over age.

    However I am looking forward to Julie Bindel and the Shriekocracy to defend Vaz. After all none of the prostitutes involved were female. Therefore they cannot have been trafficked or exploited, right?

  2. It’s going to be fascinating to learn what aspect of economics can be illustrated by Vazeline’s fudge packing.

    Or, perhaps, fascinating isn’t quite the right word. Not quite the right word, at alll.

  3. I am terribly disappointed in Mr Vaz, who I believed was one of the most moral and upstanding of the blessed cohort of statespersons who currently grace the Mother of Parliaments.

    Obviously he was set up by the filthy Blairite Murdoch-owned so-called Sunday Mirror. This is gutter journalism of the worst kind. Either that or his Twitter account was hacked this is a case of mistaken identity; the pervert gay man in question clearly states that he is a washing-machine salesman named ‘Jim’. Let the real Jim come forward and absolve Mr Vaz of these scurrilous accusations!

    I cannot understand why Mr Vaz is even contemplating standing down from his committee work, as such resignations these days are considered de trop and not at all fair on all the other statespersons at Westminster, many of whom are guilty of far more egregious behaviour than that wrongly and cruelly ascribed to Mr Vaz. It is of course a measure of his personal honour that he is standing down while these allegations can be dealt with and proved to be the pack of lies that any rational person can see they are.

    So, Mr Vaz, please carry on as before. The massed illegal immigrants refugees at Calais, who are peacefully and humbly awaiting permission to come to the UK and enrich our culture, rescue the ailing NHS, and bring joy and diversity to our lumpen native gene-pool: these noble people are depending on your assistance and will be heartbroken to learn of this, surely temporary, setback to the cause.

  4. Isn’t part of the reason that we have such nannying politicians that sneer at us lesser mortals, and impose their tastes and mores on us, that we actually put them on these pedestals and ask them to do it?

    That we snigger and sneer at men who pay other consenting men for sex? Something that no true liberal could possibly oppose?

    While this is clearly an issue Vaz has to discuss with his wife – it is no business of the rest of us. Save that in a less sniggering world he might be able to remain an upstanding member while doing as he pleases, and defending the rights of other Britons to do likewise against the various moral police forces we now have to battle.

  5. On the principle that there’s never just one cockroach in a kitchen, what will come out next?

    And how long can one keep up the double entendres?

  6. Come to think of it, should it be “doubles entendres”? Is it English or French? Would French be “entendres doubles”?

  7. When has Vaz ever defended the rights of Britons to do as they please? Do as I say, not as I do has been his motto throughout his ‘career’.

    No-one could car if he fucks goats as long as he just shuts up and goes away (and stops taking our money).

  8. @Chris Miller,

    That is entirely my point. He has to play to the audience – the moralising Voice of Public Opinion. When he’s actually a sleazeball, as rather a lot of people are, and have an absolute right (limited by their contractual agreements with others) to be.

    Vaz cannot stand up for sleaze, but should be able to. Where’s IanB when you need him?

  9. Are you seriously trying to cast Vaz as the “victim” here Biggie?

    He is a sanctimonious, corrupt, arrogant, twat. He plays the sanctimonious card because it is his deceitful and hypocritical nature –not because “our” hypocrisy forces him to. He is the kind of turd who would try to gatecrash Heaven using two-faced bullshit and it is a treat to see him stitched by his own antics.

  10. My deepest and heartfelt sympathies to the two Polish rent boys. No-one sholud have to endure such a truly disgusting client.

  11. So unlike Alan Clark. When asked by his prospective constituency if he had any more skeletons in the cupboard, he replied “Dear boy! I can scarcely close the door”!

  12. Nobody who has followed the Westminster paedophile scandal will be in the least bit surprised that Keith Vaz has finally been caught with his trousers down, so to speak.

    In 1991 he sought to change the law to prevent the public knowing about allegations of child abuse made in open court, in order to protect his child-raping friend Greville Janner. Previously he was linked to the Elm Guest House and Dolphin Square child abuse scandals.

    He has since used his position as Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee to suppress allegations of abuse against Leon Brittan, amongst others. He’s been up to his neck in filth for decades.

  13. He hasn’t, far as I know, broken any laws.
    Just like the people and companies he had a go at hadn’t, far as could be ascertained, broken any laws.

    Didn’t stop him moralising at them. Bet there’s a few grinning people now though.

    This is between him and his family. He’s still the same guy who got elected multiple times, been on TV multiple times, voted in parliament multiple times. Might make him keep a little quieter about other people though.

  14. So Much For Subtlety

    Peter McKelvie – “Previously he was linked to the Elm Guest House and Dolphin Square child abuse scandals.”

    And so the nutters come out. Vaz is scum. But if he was trying to do something about the small handful of deluded mental health cases that are alleging anything went on in the Elm Street Guesthouse or in Dolphin Square, good for him. As there is no evidence whatsoever for any wrong doing.

    “He has since used his position as Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee to suppress allegations of abuse against Leon Brittan, amongst others. He’s been up to his neck in filth for decades.”

    Allegations which have been widely spread. Even though they appear entirely baseless.

    Martin – “He hasn’t, far as I know, broken any laws.”

    This looks like an offer of cocaine for sex. That’s not a crime?

  15. The Inimitable Steve

    Eh. I feel a bit sorry for the poor bastard, but more so his wife. This must be excruciatingly humiliating for them.

    I always thought it’d be some sort of financial scandal that brought him down, not illicit manlove chemsex.

  16. Witchsmeller Pursuivant

    As Craig Murray points out – “The most disgraceful thing in today’s story is that he keeps his whisky in the fridge, which is well nigh unforgiveable.”

  17. So Much For Subtlety

    Witchsmeller Pursuivant – “As Craig Murray points out – “The most disgraceful thing in today’s story is that he keeps his whisky in the fridge, which is well nigh unforgiveable.””

    Actually the most disgraceful thing is that any of them is in this country. Britain has not been made better off by the presence of Vaz. Nor is it improved by Polish rent boys.

  18. As Chairman of the Homo Affairs Select Committee, I’m not entirely sure that his behaviour was in any inappropriate.


  19. The Inimitable Steve,

    I do wonder though. They’ve been married 20+ years. You’re telling me that nothing twigged before? I think my wife would start wondering what the hell I was doing when I bought a flat near our house and left it empty for 3 months.

  20. Vazeline (h/t BiS) is a sickeningly sanctimonious and pompous prat. Politics would be better without him.

    Given his cultural background, he may consider active buggery is permissible while passive is not.

    And this now takes on new meaning:
    Vazeline was there to welcome the first Romanian rent boys , er, migrants.

    All of it is too hilarious for words!

  21. Snorted with laughter when I read Rob’s comment (10.24am).

    Washing machine salesman called Jim? Could the pompous, prissy Vaz have chosen a less likely occupation – not only couldn’t Vaz sell fridges to eskimos, we ‘little people’ don’t own £400k flats in which to meet rent boys.

  22. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Vaz is the sort of mental archetype I have when I think of the word ‘oleaginous’. You could give him a light pressing and have enough grease to supply a chippy for a month.

  23. Bloke in North Dorset

    The sailing forum I read has a “lounge” for discussing non sailing topics. Usually it’s absolute chaos and quickly descends in to petty squabbling. This is one of those rare occasions where there is absolute unanimity:

    What Vaz puts in to his own body is no business of the rest of us as long as it is with consenting adults and doesn’t involve children.

    Vaz is a hypocritical [email protected]&t who deserves all he gets.

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