Americans, eh? Weird people

Labor Day.

Which they celebrate by not labouring.

Really, most odd. We bank holiday on Bank Holidays, christmas on Christmas, we may on May Day, box on Boxing Day.

Why don’t they labour on Labor Day?

15 thoughts on “Americans, eh? Weird people”

  1. Tim

    Strange place and I say that as someone who spent 4 happy years in NYC – but off topic. TRUK Watch:

    The latest post – Murphy channeling Jeremiah – comparing post Brexit to the situation in 1939 ‘ La drole de guerre’ , apparently without irony, surely will yield a post

    The latest post on Apple has replaced a Venn Diagram with a table of equal incomprehensibility.

    A cooking analogy with the economy being run at 180 degrees is even by his standards an excruciatingly idiotic analogy…..

    And he is doubling down on his advocacy of paying informants in financial misconduct inquiries – a method of law enforcement ironically similar to one practised by one of our European neighbours in 1939.

    A veritable De Beers showroom of Diamonds and it is only 10am on Monday – although the idiocy is so glaring you may feel it is shooting fish in a barrel….

  2. Well, at least they do it without parading the tanks needed to ensure the labour continues to labour all the other days of the year.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    Really, most odd. We bank holiday on Bank Holidays, christmas on Christmas, we may on May Day, box on Boxing Day.

    Seriously? I don’t back on Bank holidays. I don’t fly for one thing. I have never seen anyone christ on Christmas. I have never even heard of anyone boxing (or in the literal sense, giving a box to the poor) on Boxing Day.

    Although I may go to Ascot next year. To see the Queen Elizabeth Stake.

  4. Bloke in California

    I think it’s because anyone in the retail sector will be labo(u)ring twice as hard as the rest of the year. Or something like that…

  5. The original idea is that for one day a year your labor goes to what you want instead of providing for your corporate masters. This idea is original in the sense that I just made it up on the spot.

    Of course the real question is why bother trying to understand what American English actually means? As soon as anyone has a clue what a word’s definition is it must be changed. Speaking of is, I still don’t know what the definition of is is.

  6. Euorpeans, eh? Weird people

    Christmas Day.

    Which they celebrate by celebrating the day before.

    Really, most odd.

    Why don’t they christmas on Christmas Day?

  7. @ Pcar
    What? Every church that I have ever attended had a service on Christmas Day.
    Most of them (but not the one where I was most involved) also had a service that overlapped from Christmas Eve into Christmas Day.

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