Anyone asked Frank for a comment yet?

Primark’s Pension Deficit Throws New Light On Phil Green And BHS – Where’s Frank Field?

Retail chain has pension deficit, shareholders should immediately stump up to cover it. Field will be telling us the same thing again, won’t he? He is, after all, known as one of the few principled people in British politics. That it’s the actions of the Bank of England which have caused both deficits shouldn’t matter at all, should it?

4 thoughts on “Anyone asked Frank for a comment yet?”

  1. If a pension fund were 100% in Gilts (it wouldn’t be in real life, of course), would it be largely protected from base rate changes?

  2. Chris

    Surely this wopuld only be the case if they invested in index-linked gilts, but there is not so much difference between base rate and inglation these days, for the most part.

  3. If a pension fund owns shares in Primark then has to cough up surely that will make them in deficit themselves then?

    How about retired people who have invested their life savings into numerous shares – do they have to sell their house to cough up to cover a deficit? Or just take the tax hit on selling a bunch of shares to cover the shortfall?

    Yes, we wouldn’t be saying Mrs Green has to do one thing while other people have to do something entirely different would we?

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