Blimey, Paul Mason says Something, no, two things, correct

Just as much as there’s a shortage of left-wing radical MPs who know what they’re talking about. There’s also a shortage of radical left-wing journalists who know what they’re talking about.

Yes Paul, quite so.

7 thoughts on “Blimey, Paul Mason says Something, no, two things, correct”

  1. “left his “very highly-paid job” with Channel 4 News to work independently as a journalist and filmmaker.”

    It’s almost like a David Icke moment. Although the Royal Family being shape-shifting lizards is a more credible idea than Jeremy Corbyn leading Labour to victory.

  2. I’ve read one of his articles about post-capitalist economics; based on that, I wouldn’t trust him with a toaster.

    As Labour MP Anna Turley said: “It’s you versus reality.”

    Also, the quote above shows he has Ritchie levels of self-awareness.

  3. I’ve read the whole Huffpo article now. He’s not just a fucking idiot, he’s a fucking prick too. And an arrogant prick at that:

    “History is moving at quite a rapid pace and those of us who have an understanding of where it might end up, need to be free to act and speak out.”

    If he had any understanding of history he wouldn’t hold the views he does.

  4. Mason’s a Mancunian cvnt, with a face that would do for a child’s birthday party clown without any need for make up or prosthetics

  5. I think the real question is whether there is a shortage of radical left wing music teachers and what can Paul Mason do about that.

  6. The real issue is that such an unpleasant, reality challenged individual should have been allowed to work for the BBC and for Channel 4 in editorial positions. I’m coming round to the view that the BBC should be privatised.

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