Blithering fuckwits. The EU turns off websites for the weekend

Access to REACH-IT is currently closed. Dossier submissions will only be available between 10h00 on Monday and 21h00 on Friday (Eastern European Standard Time; GMT +2). Submission will not be available during weekends and public holidays. For more information, please click here

No, really.

20 thoughts on “Blithering fuckwits. The EU turns off websites for the weekend”

  1. What a shame there isn’t a warning that late submissions will be subjected to a punitive processing charge – just to rub it in … eh?

    I bet they have their secretaries print out emails and fax them.

  2. Companies house website used to close every day if my memory serves, though in that case I just assumed they weren’t competent enough to have designed it properly and had to run daily updates for the data,

  3. When I was in Hong Kong and trying to arrange a mortgage for a house back home, my bank would turn the fax machine off overnight. I had to hang around in the office until 8pm so I could get through to them when they switched the damn thing on at 8am.

  4. Who the fuck is R Schuman?

    Don’t bother suggesting Google cos it ain’t worth the electrons.

    It is likely a sly way of saying “Arse You Man”–like Billy Ocean using the lyrics “Go and get stuffed” in that “(When the) Going gets Tough” song a few years back.

  5. There was a Robert Schumann that composed (mainly piano) music in the 19th century. I bet he has brought far more joy to the world than any political non-entity from the EU.

  6. Wasn’t he the bloke who created the first proto-EU between Germany and France?

    Anyway, there’s a precedent for weekend work – wasn’t the Belgian army in NATO a strictly Monday – Friday outfit?

  7. ATMs in Japan have to have a ‘ bank employee’ present, which has actually worked out nicely for 7/11 which is where you can find most of them, the cashier counting as the bank employee.

  8. REACH-IT is a developing software application that is used to support the REACH Regulation. It is being regularly modified and upgraded in line with operational experience. These mods are always carried out on Saturday & Sunday in order to cause minimum disruption to the user community, the vast majority of which do not actually work on those two days.

  9. Arthur Dent,

    Even if you don’t have a particularly good deployment strategy that shouldn’t take more than an hour.

  10. I wonder if they set themselves targets for time-to-process applications so this is simply someone’s attempt to game the system to improve their metrics.

    Like with the VA refusing to make appointments in the computer system (they wrote them down) until they could put one in within the ‘acceptable’ window.

  11. JerryC
    September 11, 2016 at 1:39 am

    They have to change to change the sparkplugs in the servers or something.

    Its entirely possible the server-hamsters are unionized and no one wants to pay the overtime rates.

  12. The day before Christmas appears to be because Christmas Day is a Sunday this year.

    Normally you’d get the 27th (Tuesday) off in lieu, but as the EU already has 27/12 to 2/1 off, the “next working day after Boxing Day” wouldn’t be until 3rd Jan

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