Bon viveur is doing a lot of work there

Jean-Claude Juncker
President of the European Commission, the EU’s executive arm. Former Prime Minister of Luxembourg for 18 years. Federalist and bon viveur

Out and out piss artist is closer….

8 thoughts on “Bon viveur is doing a lot of work there”

  1. Jean-Claude Juncker and Jacques Santer were both prime ministers of Luxembourg, spanning the period from 1984 to 2013. Let’s examine their domestic policy. Over that period, the country’s population exploded from 366,000 to 543,000 – an increase of 48%. Most of that was (as you might have guessed) due to immigration. They seem to think the same arrangement will work well for the rest of the continent.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    bon viveur

    That is one of those irregular-verb-like things innit?

    I am a connesieur, he is a serious consumer, they are alcoholics.

  3. At the first meeting after Article 50 our negotiating team should simply say single market ? Forget it. People seem to think it’s some kind of nirvana. France and Italy plus the rest of club Med are in deep shit , that’s how good the single market is. Just trade folks , just trade , and none of the EU’s social engineering and green bollocks either. A deal shouldn’t take long.

  4. some of the press do blow the dog whistle when mentioning him.. but don’t see any news stories on it.. where’s it coming from? I suppose Charles Kennedy got away with saucing it up for a while but he didn’t have half the enemies of Juncker.

  5. @Hallowed be

    I was thinking the same. I suppose the difference is that Charlie had fuck all power though.

    It’s not a shining endorsement of the EU if they all know he’s a chronic alcoholic and they do nothing about it.

  6. It’s not a shining endorsement of the EU if the auditors haven’t signed off on the books since the Oligocene Era, never mind that the top bod is a cirrhotic fascist.

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