But which language does she say this in?

ATHENS, GREECE—Following a sudden high-pitched squeal of audio feedback, the 11 million citizens of Greece were reportedly woken up at 6 a.m. Wednesday by German chancellor Angela Merkel informing them over loudspeakers that it was time for work. “Rise and shine, Greece! Time to get out of bed and head out to your jobs!” said Merkel, bidding the indebted nation a productive day as she has done every morning since bailout loans to Greece began six years ago. “Work is good for your country and good for the eurozone! You have 30 minutes to get ready!” According to sources, Merkel’s voice then cut out, only to return later that evening for Greece’s 10 p.m. lights-out warning.

13 thoughts on “But which language does she say this in?”

  1. Well, it’s the EU, so given what each member state knows to be the stated aim, eventually the broadcast will be

    Ein Volk, ein Reich, Ein(e) Fuehrer(in)!

  2. “Following a sudden high-pitched squeal of audio feedback”

    With German engineering? Unlikely.

    Anyway, which language? Why, the language of Progress and Social Justice, of course!

  3. The Onion has a short memory.

    I can assure them that never in the history of the Germanic peoples has one of their leaders said to a subjugated populace “Rise and shine”.

    Mind you, after invading Holland and killing 4,000 Dutch people, they did say that they bore them no animosity, so I suppose anything is possible.

  4. John Miller, everything is still possible for true believers. We gather at the TRUK website, administered by the great Richard Murphy, he alone keeps our ideology alive

  5. John Miller – in professional capacity sometimes they have to do what they would not do in their private capacity.
    4000 killed, sorry we bear you no animosity- its a bit like us invading Iraq for the 3rd time in a century, killing a load of people and saying sorry, we bear you no animosity. Until the next time. 2030? 2040?

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