Cloth ear Hillary has, just a cloth ear

Hillary Clinton took the stage in her return to the campaign trail, shaking off the recent health controversy to James Brown’s upbeat classic “I Feel Good”. But the diligent denizens of the Internet were quick to point out the unfortunate irony to the appearance: James Brown died of pneumonia.

23 thoughts on “Cloth ear Hillary has, just a cloth ear”

  1. When two seventy year olds compete for the White House health issues might be expected to be front and centre.

    What drugs is she on? The people must be told.

  2. Didn’t Ed Miliband do something awkward with the music at a Labour election rally? He was moderarely successful, I recall, coming second in the 2015 election.

  3. The deceiver by the alarm might be more appropriate

    “You are called greed and you’re cheat
    You are you are you are the deceiver
    You are not welcome in my life
    You are the maker of illusions
    You break up every dream we’ve ever made
    And as I rise up from the ashes
    You raise your ugly head you have no shame
    Too long you have lain there

  4. Clinton wouldn’t have been picking the songs.

    The Brown “gaffe” is to strengthen the pneumonia lie through association, so people stop looking at what else she has.

  5. I see the MSM is trying to spin the obvious if you support gun control why don’t you give up your guns type statement into a call for assination again.

  6. Other contenders from my record collection:

    Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On – Jerry Lee Lewis
    Fever – Ella Fitzgerald et al.
    My Poor Old Heart – Alison Krauss & Union Station
    Deathly – Aimee Mann
    Heart Attack – Blitzen Trapper
    I Told You I Was Mean – Elle King
    Strange Condition – Pete Yorn
    It’s Alive – A Fine Frenzy
    Can’t Get Out Of Bed – The Charlatans
    Somewhere a Clock is Ticking – Snow Patrol
    Last Days of my Bitter Heart – Eels
    Dead Man’s Party – Oingo Boingo


  7. So Much For Subtlety

    Toad in Toad Hole – “The Brown “gaffe” is to strengthen the pneumonia lie through association, so people stop looking at what else she has.”

    I associate James Brown with PCP. So she has that going for her. Also endorsing Nixon, but there is neither here nor there.

    She has bigger problems than a cloth ear. An order from Hillary has turned up forbidding State Department employees to use private e-mail accounts:

    Imagine what else the FBI could have found if they were interested in law enforcement?

    In the meantime it is clear Hillary is in trouble whatever the polls say. Look at the comments for her new book – a book which is selling about 3,000 copies a week (which I find hard to believe because library orders ought to be greater than that):

  8. So Much For Subtlety

    BniC – “Wasn’t there a comment that her fashion style could be best described as North Korean dictator at a rave”

    Some rave. But there is a tenuous connection. This week North Korea has banned irony. Apparently some people were praising the Leader in ways he felt were not sincere enough. While on the other side of the Pacific, an American university has banned Harambe jokes.

    The American Left has a problem with humour and you can see that Hillary would, if she could. The media is already trying to ban ironic comment on their Dear Leader. 1984 was supposed to be a warning, not a guide.

    Incidentally Harambe is Swahili for “collective labour” so there is that too. Yeah, she definitely would if she could.

  9. Given her performance when confronted with news of the Manhattan bombing just now, ‘The Drugs Don’t Work’ wouldn’t be a good choice. They clearly do!

  10. Ah, JuliaM, Hillary’s people are getting desperate, aren’t they?

    A black flag attack that the media are intended to interpret as a Trump black flag attack?

    Or is that entirely wrong, and the thing is a BLM attack? Or an IRA tribute band gig?

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