Cue lefty shouting

The boss of Go-Ahead has hit back at criticism of the transport giant after the co-owner of the company behind crisis-hit Southern Rail sparked anger for posting a surge in profits to almost £100m.

That’s what they’ll all say. This is what they will ignore:

It made no money from Southern last year and does not expect to do so this year either, so the business did not contribute to the £57m in operating profits posted by its rail division. Because of the problems on the network, Mr Brown, who took home £2.16m for 2014-15, has waived his annual bonus for the 2015-16 as well as a salary increase.

“If you’re a Southern commuter you might be upset if I’m making £100m from Southern, but I’m not,” he said. “At the moment that part of our business is being subsidised by the profit-making parts of the business.”

5 thoughts on “Cue lefty shouting”

  1. The Uk likes and needs pariahs.
    Once it was homosexuals now tis the fat and puffers.
    But soon it will be the elderly. The great burden on society..
    Don’t forget the need for an army of abortionists, outreach workers etc etc. These vital beings cost money.
    You must have priorities.

  2. JM,
    > But soon it will be the elderly
    The interests of the elderly are closely aligned with the interests of our elected representatives: both skew wealthy, old, white, etc. So the elderly are unlikely to lose out in any meaningful way.

  3. Good to find out my initial assumption that the group dont make anywhere near that amount from Southern is supported by evidence.

    I have already seen lefty shouting about that. Now, I could tolerate it if it was just clever political rhetoric, as in, self-aware manipulation to propigate a political point/objective.

    Except talking to the people shouting about this, they seem completely ignorant and surprised of this. Proving that for people who seem to make a big thing about them having a big beef with capitalism and big business, they dont remotely understand or know about either.

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