Enter the Curajus State

Doctors had discovered that pregnant women could gain an advantage in muscle power, suppleness and lung capacity, because they produced more red blood cells. In 1994 Olga Kovalenko, a gold medal winner at the 1968 Olympics, told a German television interviewer that all the members of the Soviet women’s gymnastic team, two of whom were 15 at the time, had been forced to become pregnant before the Olympics: if they did not have a husband or boyfriend, they were made to have sex with a male coach.

Anyone who refused was thrown off the team. After 10 weeks of pregnancy every gymnast had an abortion. They won the team gold medal by a fraction of a point, with Czechoslovakia second. “In any other country it would have been called rape,” one of the Soviet coaches admitted later.

Compared to the other things it’s almost trivial. But Jeebus.

15 thoughts on “Enter the Curajus State”

  1. “After 10 weeks of pregnancy every gymnast had an abortion.”

    Yeah but this is just a medical procedure, removing a clump of cells right? So this part of it all isn’t a problem is it?

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    It is amazing how thoroughly corrupting Communism was and is. It is not just the banality of mass murder on a continental scale. It is that they could not do little things like gymnastics without being amoral scuzballs.

    We should salt the earth that each and every one stepped on.

  3. it’s that – ‘anyone who refused was thrown off the team’ which is a tad doubtful. Because the effect would have to be very noticeable to make up for replacing one prospect for an otherwise inferior one. Yes– a bluff and pressure may have been enough to get 100% compliance.

  4. Hoe utterly revolting. Still, doesn’t stop airhead students from wearing Communist badges, so presumably they are OK with this. “This is what a feminist looks like”.

  5. Yes, I imagine did choose to and see I as their best option; so all good eh?

    Oh and as your asking, lots and lots of women in India and China do indeed choose to. And the male:female birth ratios are statistically impossible as a result.

    Happy with that choice are we?

  6. The fact that communism corrupted economic transactions is not surprising in the slightest.

    Whenever you shut down markets for gods and services, grey and black markets will establish themselves. It’s just what happens.

    Roll on a generation, and the culture is that the black market is the way business is done.

    What is an interesting question is how this begins to affect things that are not so obviously commercial, like gymnastics. Was it a consequence of the culture of corruption, or had it too become an economic consideration?

  7. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    But… but.. weren’t all the Russian girls pumped full of drugs to inhibit pubescent growth ?
    Or was that Romania ?
    I think that the lovely Ludmilla Tourischeva was the last not to succumb to this bastardry. She actually looked like a woman at 20.

  8. @ Oblong
    Communism did not, per se, corrupt any transactions – it just created an environment where incorrupt transaction became so difficult that low-level corruption became the norm. It is difficult for Britons to envisage the state requiring 15-year-old girls to become pregnant and have abortions to marginally enhance their gymnastics performance, but once you believe that corruption is essential to survival such abominations seem normal.

  9. There is always some new boost to move on too and we can’t band them all. Despite our tries.

    By removing more legal solutions, and making them illegal, we move on to others.

    And now this is out everyone will be preggers, except those disadvantaged transgenders. Something must be done to help them. 🙂

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