Erm, really?

Go back home! / Go! Back! Home! This was a troubling if not entirely unexpected chant to hear in downtown Minneapolis last weekend.

Fortunately, the source was not a rally for America’s incorrect answer to Nigel Farage, rather a rowdy tailgate party taking place before the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings faced the Green Bay Packers.

The majestic tailgate towers above all of America’s other great institutions – the state of the union address, Saturday Night Live, maple syrup as a crucial component of breakfast. There is no equivalent in British sporting fan culture.

Take a generous car park, fill it with extrovert vehicles with names like Patriot, Renegade and Wrangler, set up a barbecue, decorate your area with allegiance-pledging trinkets, BYOB, have a wonderful time.

Twickenham car parks?

OK, rather more British etc but…..

8 thoughts on “Erm, really?”

  1. Yeah I suppose it’s the closest parallel we have. To be fair, a full-on BBQ hung off the back of a mighty Dodge is a different proposition to a few greying pork pies served from a cool box out the back of a Range.

    But I’m not surprised the writer doesn’t make the link. He seems to have just written a few articles about yankball and girlyball.

  2. Wasn’t the Range Rover specifically designed with the fold down tail gate precisely to allow people sit on it and picnic at point to points and hunt meets?

  3. Does anyone drive to Twickenham except the few in the expensive boxes (don’t get parking in the cheap ones)? Half the roads are closed anyway. The closest we have is probably the queues outside South African Braai stalls on the road from the stationto the stadium.

  4. It is near 70 years since I was first at Twickers, Anfield and Goodison Park, in the latter two cases, Stanley Park was the place to be. In Leicester there was a pleasant recreation park between the Tiger’s ground and the Gaol. On a fine day in the 40’s the fervent naturalist could see a spotty Attenborough lurking in the bushes.

  5. Bringing a nice Fortnum’s hamper to our marquee at Henley was about it for us, I’m afraid.

    I made that up.

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