Had to be in Russia, didn’t it?

Head of Russia’s anti-corruption agency is found with $122m in CASH in his house


16 thoughts on “Had to be in Russia, didn’t it?”

  1. The Daily Mail fucked-up again. They posted the picture of the leader of one of the Russian orientated provinces in the Donbass region of the Ukraine. It is fairly long way from there to Moscow.

  2. Grossly unfair & I’m surprised at Tim for aiding & abetting.
    He was obviously just keeping the evidence safe.
    Russian honesty is proverbial

  3. There’s a basic rule of thumb that the richest person in any country you wouldn’t want to live in is the minister responsible for awarding foreign contracts.

    The only exception to this is in countries where there is an anti-corruption chief in which case that’s where the greatest wealth lies.

  4. Pfft. What can you buy $122m these days? A pad in London, place in the Bahamas, a yacht and you’re pretty much done, maybe a few sparklies for the totty with the change.

  5. His lawyer, Yury Novikov, said: ‘We are asking about two alternative measures: home arrest or 70 million rubles ($1 million) bail.’

    Assuming that this isn’t a step-up I am guessing that there is another stash somewhere. All Zakharchenko has to do is get to the stash and he can get out of the country.

  6. ‘The final amount is unknown. [Police] confiscated a cache only in [Zakharchenko’s] house; it is not yet known how many more assets [he has], but we are working in this direction.'”

    The final amount will not be 100% of what they declare for sure.

  7. I’m not 100% convinced that it wasn’t planted there by a third party.

    That’s a LOT of cash to leave around in order to get a guy framed! They must really hate him to pay $122 Mill to get rid of him!

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