Hillary’s running on getting big money, billionaires, out of politics

Facebook cofounder pledges $20 million to fight Donald Trump


15 thoughts on “Hillary’s running on getting big money, billionaires, out of politics”

  1. The Inimitable Steve

    Yarp. It’s a topsy turvy election.

    The champion of the people is a brash New York billionaire. The leftist feminist candidate is fighting for the status quo, with the full support of the banks, the mass media, Silicon Valley oligarchs, and even elements of the Republican Party.

    Also worth noting Facebook’s peculiar obsession with immigration. Mark Zuckerberg has spent a small fortune on promoting open borders and unlimited visas for cheap foreign IT workers.

    Padding his bottom line while forcing the externalities onto the plebes? Sure. But Facebook isn’t even a large employer. They employ about 15,000 people worldwide. This is rinky dink stuff in the context of the US employment market.

    Most US IT graduates struggle to find stable employment, so it’s not as if Facebook has a labour shortage in its home market. Its agitating for open borders is driven by malice, not greed.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    The Inimitable Steve – “Its agitating for open borders is driven by malice, not greed.”

    Well Zuckerberg is Jewish so presumably he thinks that he would be safer in a society made up of many ethnic groups rather than a country with a dominant ethnicity. Jews tend to support more immigration and multiculturalism everywhere except Israel.

    But Steve Sailor has an article somewhere where he points out that Hispanic immigration means that Blacks have been pushed away from the edges of Mark Zuckerberg’s property. He has bought a lot of expensive real estate that used to be very close to a crime-ridden majority Black area. Now it is Hispanic and so much less violent.

    He can see immigration working for him every time he goes to pick up the newspaper in the morning.

  3. Well said TIS. In time Zuckerberg wil be shown to be up there with Soros and Sutherland as cunts of the first order, and due to be appearing dangling from a lamp post near you shortly.

  4. This is just so much kabuki theatre.

    She doesn’t want money out of politics – it’s money in politics which has made her and her family extremely rich.

    She wants Republican money out of politics.

    This call is a dog whistle rich for people to cough up to her so that she can continue the charade.

  5. Thing I can’t figure about the Clintons- are they raising money for politics, or are they in politics to make money?

  6. Pat, it’s rather self-evident.

    The thing no one talks about is Obama’s origins in Chicago, the home of pay-to-play. I have no doubt that he supported Hillary’s monetizing of government roles for a piece of the action. Look for him to get a significant position with CGI (Clinton Crime Family) after leaving the presidency. He is not the kind of person to watch the Clintons get rich off government and not claim a piece.

  7. With their wealth, you’d think every member of the Clinton family would be able to stump up a dry cleaning bill for a dress or two when the need arose.

  8. So Much For Subtlety

    In fairness Hillary does want to get big money out of politics ….. and into her money-laundering fake charity foundation so she can spend it on herself.

  9. “He can see immigration working for him every time he goes to pick up the newspaper in the morning.”

    I think it might be simpler – he is just so wealthy that he is completely isolated from the consequences of his actions.

  10. Telegraph 10/9/16
    ” Politics is full of dull men – we need more ‘walled off’ women like Hillary Clinton ”

    Cathy Newman Channel 4 News Presenter

    No. I haven’t either. And life’s too short.

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