I don’t think I want to eat in this restaurant


An Australian restaurant promising to recapture the “stylish days” of the British empire’s “developing cultures of the world” has been criticised amid claims it is romanticising colonial rule.

British Colonial Co, a bar and restaurant in Brisbane, marketed itself as “inspired by the stylish days of the empirical push into the developing cultures of the world, with the promise of adventure and modern refinement in a safari style setting”.

Not a bad idea – one friend insists that the reason for the Empire was that everyone went off looking for something edible for lunch.


In a statement, the restaurant’s owners said they were proud of the brand and upset and saddened by the negative attention.

“British Colonial Co was founded on the principles of providing Brisbane foodies with relaxed, casual dining,” a spokeswoman said in a statement provided to AAP.

“We believe that our decor and menu has great synergy with Brisbane’s climate and the expansive palette of our clientele, who are looking for a melting pot of food and beverages to enjoy in a relaxed atmosphere.”

I don’t think I want to eat in a place which doesn’t know the difference between palette and palate.

19 thoughts on “I don’t think I want to eat in this restaurant”

  1. As far as I read it, ‘expansive palette of our clientele’ means wide range of diverse customers. Fits perfectly with the theme of the sentence IMHO.

  2. “I don’t think I want to eat in a place which doesn’t know the difference between palette and palate.”

    Maybe the statement was given verbally and it’s the “journalist” who can’t spell. Does the restaurant get your custom now? 🙂

  3. A Nonny Mouse

    Quite right, it’s from the Gruaniad Nigadrau Draguain Grauniad afterall after all.

    “Wrong about everything. All the time.”

  4. Trying too hard to show off. “Expansive palette” is what you would get after passing “Broad tastes” through Google translate English to Bollocks*.

    *Not the Nine O’Clock News.

  5. Fools.

    A raw turnip placed gently on a bed of straw is now the only international cuisine acceptable to the Twitterati.

    No humans or animals have been harmed, no cultural appropriation, no oppression of minorities.

    Of course, the turnips fucked, but whoever cared what happened to a white old turnip?

  6. Total storm in an online (small) teacup.

    I live in Brisbane – this has NOT made any mainstream press, gossip, discussion or radio phone in of which I am aware. This blog post is the first I have heard of it. And I am a news junkie, FB and twitter user. File under “select 5 tweets and make some shit up”.

  7. Plus Brisbane general population really don’t give a rat’s arse about PC-ness (writers’ festivals are full of ring ins, so don’t quote that nonsense story at me please).

  8. After the Hoo-Ha over Empire Pie at M&S I’m looking forward to;

    Rape of Africa Soup


    Ripping the guts out of the natural resources of India and running off with the lot leaving behind just a pile of rubble and dust pudding.

  9. If it had been an American restaurant pallet would have been perfectly acceptable. One’s dinner shouldn’t require a forklift to move.

  10. The anthropologists now reckon Australia could have been inhabited as much as 120 thousand years ago. This means that for 118 thousand years, until the colonists turned up, there was abso-fucking-lutely nothing worth eating in Australia. No-one eats enormous tree grubs because they want to. They eat them ’cause they’re too fucking stupid to invent a chateaubriand.

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