Interesting language

Sure, there are different styles of parenting:

Paddy Ashdown had admitted he was a bad “Victorian” father and said his family would have suffered if his wife hadn’t carried the burden while he tried to win his seat.

But doing it as billions of people have done it for tens of thousands of years is “bad” now is it?

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  1. Successful parenting from the point of biology is raising offspring to the point where they are capable of raising their own. In my experience that means whatever it takes, children all being different and life unpredictable.

  2. Private Eye called him right as “Captain Pantsdown of the Special Balloon Service”.

    Why he thinks we are interested in the partial truth about his gone-by domestic arrangements is the bafflement here.

  3. @MrEcks – He was being genuinely Victorian in that, at least; wife at home for kids and domestic management, skirt on the side for fun

  4. He should simply point out that this arrangement worked for his family. Better yet, he ought to flatly state that this is in according with Nature, God’s Law and common sense.

    He might even sweep the nation.

  5. Was his wife ‘carrying the burden’ of being a wife and mother – you know, a woman’s actual job within the family – while ALSO working to bring in 50% of the family’s income?

    If so then fair enough she was carrying Paddy to an extent. If not then she did nothing praiseworthy as she was simply pulling her weight, nothing more.

  6. “and said he regularly tried to impose his will on his two children”

    Because not doing that often leads to excellent outcomes. [/sarc]

  7. It’s topic of the week, what with Bruce Springsteen and Jeremy Paxman both complaining about their respective fathers. They both seem to have turned out alright.

  8. I have a live recording where Springsteen as prt of introducing a song talks about his father and some of the issues they had, but the story ends with him coming home and telling his family he had failed the draft test for Vietnam and his fathers quiet relief, even though he had told him that some discipline and the army would be good for him. Parenting is complex and is going to have its ups and downs and mistakes will be made on all sides

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