It’s always about them

A Momentum activist accused a Jewish MP of using anti-Semitism in the party to “disgrace the left”, according to reports.

Whether there is anti-semitism isn’t the important point to these people. It’s whether it makes their groupuscule look bad or not. Everything, but just everything, gets looked at through the lens of that party interest.

10 thoughts on “It’s always about them”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    There is nothing in their world but power. The sort of people for whom a jackboot stamping on another person’s face is a aspiration, not a regrettable necessity.

    I can see Vanessa Redgrave telling her fellow women to keep quite about Gerry Healy for the good of The Cause.

    Labour fought the Militant Tendency back in the day but now seems to have fallen to them. So much for Labour.

  2. Just look at what the hard-left is prepared to tolerate and even excuse from left-wing regimes:

    mass murder
    horriffic industrial pollution
    massive inequality between the party cadres and the working man
    flat out racism (e.g. russification of annexed territory, Cuban anti-black policies)
    Putting homosexuals in labour camps or mental institutions

    All the things they say they’re against, but they always had an excuse for it when a sufficiently Left-wing regime did it.

  3. 150 million murders is the first shame of socialism.

    The list if other things they have to be ashamed of is a list equal to the M6 completely written over in small print.

  4. Bobrocket–So you are suggesting that the rousting of Owen Oyston by Tory dirty tricksters –which may well have happened exactly as the article says–compares to millions murdered by socialism?

    Politics draws in scum. And there exists no greater or more evil clot of scum than the supporters of socialism.

    All councils are rotten and corrupt and need to done away with . And that goes for ZaNu Councils just as much as BluLab. In the old days, pre-Bliar of course, ZaNu Councils could be had much cheaper than BluLab. But not after the rise of middle/upper class cultural Marxist scum.

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