Just what they’ve always done Charles

In Theresa May‘s meritocracy, what will become of the stupid and useless?

They’ll go into public service

19 thoughts on “Just what they’ve always done Charles”

  1. By a strange paradox, our monarch is one of the most meritorious people in the country: perhaps, because she knows she does not “deserve” her role, she is humble.

    Wow, this guy’s just throwing out the non-sequitors.

  2. Half that article is him pointing out people that seemed to have started off quite thick who turned out to do pretty well for themselves – almost as if they had some merit.

  3. What will become of the stupid and useless? They’ll breed copiously and live idle and often criminal lives on benefits.

  4. What fucking “meritocracy”?

    “What Grammar school has done for me” says the bovine hag. Fuckall sez I cos’ you are still thick as pighshit.

    Let’s bring back Grammar schools while forcing private schools to “help” state duffers.

    What a supreme Grand Plan.

    The psyche of the useless bitch in microcosm. A dozy cow playing at being Thatcher 2 while still full of BluLabour Camoron style CM shite.

    Meritocracy? She couldn’t spell the word.

  5. They’ll always be a place in public service for people who undermine the public sector and clear the way for the yobbocapitalists to float around on big boats while sacking people by the thousand or making them work in places “worse than Victorian workhouses” and pay average £870 rents. There is always a place for people who can show genuine enthusiasm for this kind of work.

  6. Whereas DBC, your gang show their enthusiasm for mass murder and leaving millions with little or nothing ton eat. Even as they are now doing in Venezuela

  7. As in the past, the stupid will do jobs that require little intellectual power, like cleaning the streets, while the useless will be provided with food and clothing by the community.
    It’s the lazy greedy ones who are in for a wake-up call as the working-class are clearly fed up to the back teeth with seeing shirkers better-off than workers

  8. DBC, Well if instead of having to pay the lazy, incompetent, dishonest scum of the public sector to screw our lives up we only have to put up with occasional whining posts on here, then that gets my vote. If I hadn’t already left the country to get away from the lazy, incompetent, dishonest scum of the public sector screwing-up my life that is.

  9. Since we already pay the stupid and the useless to mess things up we’d be far better off paying them not to do anything. At least stuff will get done. Once again the bureaucrats provide a reason why UBI is preferable.

  10. @ Liberal Yank
    Please, please, do not confuse the stupid with the useless. When I was young I knew some stupid people who were genuinely useful (and had no problems with my ability to recite the 17 times table, my clumsiness, or my declining eyesight). It is a sad commentary on modern life that I no longer meet anyone stupid.

  11. john77,

    Point taken.

    I should have put quotes around the phrase to indicate I was referencing the article. My intent was not to confuse the two although I can see how it could be implied.

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