Lay your bets now!

Apparently the shorter Hillary has a higher podium than the taller Donald.

What’re the odds that she falls off it?

And who is doing the all important eyeball monitoring?

10 thoughts on “Lay your bets now!”

  1. I was chatting to my US brother in law yesterday.

    He’s about dead centre of Hillary’s core demographic. But even he thinks she’s a swivel eyed loon.

  2. Are they providing her with a ramp to climb it or will she use a hoist? Will her burly black minder with the Valium pen be there to catch her?

  3. “shorter Hillary has a higher podium”

    I think it’ll be shorter Hillary with the shorter podium to have similar speaker height/podium proportions.

  4. I was going to say that they will dodge showing Hillary winched in, strapped down and hooked up to the life support but I think Gareth has it.

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