Murphy’s libel damages went to Crimestoppers

Would that mean that it is possible to find out how much he damages weer from the Crimestoppers accounts?

Probably not, eh? Given that they’ll report only aggregate amounts?

18 thoughts on “Murphy’s libel damages went to Crimestoppers”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    I raised £800 for Crimestoppers when I ran the London marathon in ’94. I feel sulliedto be in the same company as him.

  2. Maybe he hopes some public-spirited person will report the conspiracy to impoverish Britain being cooked up by Messrs Milne & McDonnell (with the hapless connivance of a superannuated garden gnome in reserve as fall-guy).

    Or not. In Alfred Jarry’s Ubu Cocu the monstrous Pa Ubu flushes his conscience down the lavatory. I should imagine Lord Murphy of Ely (PBUH) did the same with his self-awareness some time around 1973. The Conscience managed to get out again; the Self-awareness is evidently still, despite Tim’s best efforts at rodding, stuck behind the S-bend.

  3. If Lord Ashcroft had as a matter of compassion made the punishment truly appropriate, he would have required the donation to be made to a charity that supports sufferers of Walter Mitty syndrome.

    If Mrs Murphy had any competence as a GP at all, her husband would have been referred to one years ago.

  4. There was a right old disgusting feeding frenzy at TRUK with gleeful comments on a blog about the death of Thatcher, presided over by the repugnant smug fat cvnt himself.

    This is just one example. He is repeatedly insulting to people with whom he disagrees.

    Personal it is.

  5. Maybe he hopes some public-spirited person will report the conspiracy to impoverish Britain being cooked up by Messrs Milne & McDonnell

    I suspect the choice of charity was made by Lord Ashcroft (he founded Crimestoppers and continues to fund it.)

  6. I suspect that Ashcroft might be exercising a sense of humour here. After all, isn’t Murph in favour of a snoopers’ charter when tax is involved?

  7. Custard Cream

    Under normal circumstances you would be absolutely correct but the ever- observant Noel Scoper pulled out the relevant post before I did. The last (there or thereabouts) of a series of corkers from. Visit to Germany this summer (arguably my favourite being evidence of one of only a handful of people in my experience to visit any concentration camp and make the visit one about themselves) but to your point – nearly all of us on the comments here have been the victims of frequently grotesque insults from Murphy, having out- argued him before being barred from TRUK. He that liveth by the sword (as the proverb goes)

    Additionally his policies, in whatever half baked form they are adopted by the UK Left pose a direct threat to the countries continued survival. Leaving aside the threat implicitly made to my own family (including my two children)’s well being – I am afraid I can’t help but take that personally…..

  8. Yes but did he claim any tax relief for charitable Donations, more to the point can you actually do that when the donation is not voluntary as in this case?
    If the tax law doesn’t cover this aspect maybe we could apply his recent definition of something not being considered by the law makers at the time as tax avoidance

  9. I guess the charitable tax deduction would depend on exactly how the damages are paid.

    Maybe Murphy did claim relief and it is another reason he won’t publish his tax returns.

    One rumour that might be true is that Murphy’s refusal to publish his tax return led Corbyn to become suspicious that Murphy was hiding something embarrassing which is why Corbyn ditched him. I have no idea if that’s true.

  10. I wonder if the damages were paid personally by Murphy rather than via his LLP. There is no reference to a settlement in the LLP accounts. Which supports the view that his LLP is a sham.

  11. @Sam Jones.

    Good point. The libel was, I believe, on the website and the website is put forward as the mouthpiece of the LLP.

    Perhaps someone could put the point to him on his blog. Haha. ……….

  12. AndrewC

    I can’t confirm that either but it’s worth putting out there – hypocrisy is one of his stock in trades so it would not be a surprise

  13. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Someone should call Crimestoppers on Spud and tell them there’s a nutter on the loose, armed with fascist bullshit and extremely dangerous.

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