No, not really

Violent crimes against women in England and Wales reach record high


The number of prosecutions relating to violence against women and girls in England and Wales reached a record level last year, the director of public prosecutions said

A rise in the number of prosecutions is not the same as a rise in the number of crimes. It could be that we’re simply prosecuting more of those that occur:

Director of public prosecutions says use of social media to threaten and control is driving factor behind 10% rise in number of cases to 117,568 in 2015-16

Ah, yes, that’s what we’re doing. Prosecuting those who call someone a twat on twatter.

11 thoughts on “No, not really”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    So they have accepted the Feminists’ and other loons’ definition of calling someone else fat as “violence”?

    Threatening or controlling someone by twitter is not violence as most people would understand it.

  2. It’s about creation of a narrative and as a rule they have been very successful at it!

    In the meantime, over at TRUK, Murphy has either been listening to a ‘Greatest Hits’ collection or is channeling the late Doctor Goebbels – ‘if the lie is repeated often enough it becomes the truth’

    Green QE, comprehensively discredited by almost every conventional economist as being hyperinflationary, is redefined as ‘what Europe needs’

    Country by Country reporting suggested by the Corbynites and him taking credit for it

    The Tax Gap, calculated by Murphy on a supermarket receipt is once again restated to be untold billions, equal to the combined GDP of the USA, PR China and Japan….

    That said, you have destroyed these hoary old canards so often you may think your time better spent, which would be understandable….

  3. These terraced houses in Ely must be like the Tardis.

    How else would one of them be capable of accommodating the grotesquely expanding ego of Murphy, which one can only hope will one day explode in the manner of Mr Creosote

  4. Of course, if you make more things a crime, you’re going to get more criminals. Also, how many were muslims abusing young girls?

  5. Its odd isn’t it that when one section of society as defined by gender is disproportionately involved in violent crime, that section of society receives general condemnation for its actions, whereas when one section of society as defined by skin tone is disproportionately involved in violent crime that fact is a dirty secret never to be mentioned?

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