Not something I worry about really

Eight thousand hospital consultants earn more than the Prime Minister from the National Health Service, a health minister has admitted.

Some of them might even be more useful than a Prime Minister.

It does pose an interesting problem for certain campaigners of course. To scream about high pay or continue to support the Wonder of the World?

Can’t recall whether the Sage of Ely has said no civil servant should earn more than the PM or not….

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  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    It’s a bit misleading as PMs have been refusing pay rises for quite some time and I don’t think anyone expects doctors to be on mark time pay rates while PMs play politics.

  2. Wasn’t this why the whole junior doctors’ protest didn’t gather much popular support? Because they would mostly go on to make the big bucks later in their careers?

  3. Depends what they are doing for their cash.

    I have had –thro’ the ill-health of others–some contact with NHS consultants. I was not impressed by their activities.

  4. Couple of comments

    Oranges are bigger than apples! News at ten.

    Eight thousand hospital consultants earn more than the Prime Minister from the National Health Service

    I’m guessing the PM gets very little from the NHS, so the number could be inflated to ‘all of them’. To be fair, journalist at fault there.

  5. And ex-PM’s have some very marketable experience and contacts. The comparison should be between average lifetime earnings of ex-PM’s and NHS consultants.

  6. The Sage of Ely proose an upper limit on employment earnings, as I recall £150 “should be more than enough”. When asked if there should also be an upper limit on what ‘entrepreneurs’ can take from partnerships for example he didn’t agree at all. Apparently the risks they take justify higher rewards.

    Funny that.

  7. The real scandal is the amount GPs earn when most of them are fvcking useless if not positively harmful to health.

    Don’t get me started on part-time GPs – especially those on long-term sick leave who fail to section their mentally ill husbands

  8. No civil servant should earn more than the PM? This may not be the case in the UK, but it is in the Netherlands. Introduced under the reign of PM Balkenende.

  9. High pay is usually due to rare, in-demand specialist skills. Being PM does not require any of those (and I can’t think of any PMs who have actually exhibited any).

    There is therefore no reason why the PM should be the highest paid government employee. It’s another example of a common failing, assuming that someone’s value to the operation is the same as their place in the management hierarchy.

  10. Richard


    Happens all the time in the real world, I’ve often seen cases where say a techie or a salesman will earn more than some on the Board.

  11. I expect the consultant in charge of nationwide waiting room chairs and toilet paper /soap dispenser distribution is paid more.

  12. They should take into consideration the *total compensation* received.

    The US President *only makes* $400,000/yr. There are *tons* of people here who make more money that he does.

    But during his term he pays for nothing and has access to a private luxury plane fleet solely dedicated to his and his families use.

    My understanding (from ‘Yes, Prime Minister’!) is that the British PM is a bit more constrained than that but there are still personal perks with that job that cost some serious money to provide that the consultant would have to pay OOP for.

  13. “High pay is usually due to rare, in-demand specialist skills.”

    “Usually” is too strong: apart from specialist skills, responsibilities, leadership, qualifications and previous performance all play a part in high pay.

    Many CEO’s of plc’s earn mega-millions – with few specialist skills. Likewise, many talentless ‘entertainers’ earn multi-million pound salaries.

    By comparison, a UK PM looks underpaid, given the level of responsibility and the work load. But then, as I said above, arguably what matters is a PM’s lifetime earnings.

  14. PM gets to lord it around the world feeling dead important.

    PM gets fancy chauffeur driven bulletproof cars.

    PM gets Chequers.

    PM gets a legacy.

    Once sacked PM gets to make millions doing talks and ‘advising’ tyrants.

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