Not the most entirely convincing press release of my life

Red Labour

May attacked for quoting racist during PMQS.

Labour members have attacked Theresa May for quoting from an account that not only defended the fascist murderer of Jo Cox during PMQs but has made a number of racist attacks against Black Lives Matter protestors and immigrants.

The account she quoted also recently tweeted ‘ Piss off you piece of feminist shit’.

Red Labour responded by saying: “These are hardly the sort of views you expect a prime minister to be endorsing. Some of the other contributions made by the account Theresa May decided to quote from today at PMQs are disgusting – we wonder if she’ll be using
these from her new friend next week?”

“Once again today we saw questions being asked that effect real people struggling in the UK – brushed off with weak preprepared jokes. Today revealed that despite the change in prime minister – the Tories are still the same nasty party and ill equipped to deal
with the real problems people face.”

Theresa May quoted Lewis Collins during PMQs today in order to make a joke at the expense of Jeremy Corbyn, avoiding his question on the housing crisis that has led to a doubling of homelessness under the Tories.

Some of Lewis Collins other twitter contributions are included as attachments.

The account they are complaining about is here.

Notes: [email protected]


Red Labour was formed in 2011, and promotes socialism and advocates a socialist orientation in the Labour

To which me reaction is piss off you po-faced little gits.

17 thoughts on “Not the most entirely convincing press release of my life”

  1. Firstly, I am fairly sure the account is either a spoof or merely one of the more rambunctious Breitbart types – I think the very fact they’re quoting an attack on ‘Black Lives Matters’ as racist holes any credibility they have below the water line

    However, I do think this kind of rubbish has been tolerated long enough. I’m sick of these people. Totally intolerant of any opinion other their own. Quick to howl down any counteracting argument as whatever ‘ism’ is fashionable. The UK in its current state needs people whose physical age is above 21 that have a mental age of above 10. From this press release its quite clear ‘Red Labour’ don’t qualify.

    So, its over to an Ecksian solution – They need to be targeted by the Security services, their finances and assets assessed with a view to being specifically targeted by a Socialist tax – Bills of Attainder, loss of employment, the works. There can no longer be any real tolerance for this kind of crap. If these people don’t like it God knows we have enough wanting to get in, so they can head off to Caracas, Havana and Pyongyang post haste….

  2. How many murdering bastards has Corbyn and his ilk associated with over the last 4 decades? The Provos, Soviets, Hussein, Iranians…..

  3. The influence Twitter has on public life is astonishing and deeply disturbing. The BBC, for example, is fucking obsessed by it. “Anger on Twitter” is their very own Golden Calf.

  4. So he did, VP, pbuh.

    Rob – And some reports in The Times consist of little more than quotes from Twatter and Faceache.

  5. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Black Lives Matter is a deeply, irrefragably racist organisation. It has, as is so usual in these sorts of things, a mob of angry cretins around a nucleus of revolutionary socialist scum (cf. Occupy Wall Street, Stop the War Coalition etc. ad nauseam). Black lives evidently do not matter to them, since as has been pointed out, the predominant takers of black lives in both the US and UK are other black people. That it is dangerous to the career of a person in public life to say such a thing is evidence of how deeply the rot has set in. Deathwatch beetles have got nothing on Gramscians for boring into a structure and ruining it. We really are in Orwell’s Time of Universal Deceit.

  6. BiCR:,
    It’s after 1 PM here and, after being up for about 8 hours, I was wondering if anything could occur to validate the day for me.
    And then, “irrefragably” came along and made it all worth while.

  7. Ooh, this is a glass-houses and stones thing.

    McDonnell quoting Mao, the single greatest mass-murderer in history???

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