Now this is excellent news, isn’t it?

The European Union is facing an ‘existential threat’, its most senior official will warn on Wednesday, as major splits emerge between East and West countries in the wake of Brexit.

Let’s hope the whole thing collapses under the weight of its contradictions.

21 thoughts on “Now this is excellent news, isn’t it?”

  1. Anyone using the word existential, except in reference to J.P.Sartre’s ideas should be shot. For example, what does the word add to the above sentence about the EU? Absolutely nothing! It’s just an important sounding word added with a view to fooling the sheeple – something it does very effectively.

  2. ^ to this guy, if you read it correctly, the writer is quoting someone else! “Existential threat” so he’s quoting what someone else said. What does your comment add to this post….absolutely nothing!

  3. News?
    The EU is failed project. Schengen is a disaster. The Euro is a disaster.
    It’ll be a long time expiring, but expire it will.

  4. Likewise here in Spain.

    They truly have no clue. All they see is that lots of cheap money has come into the country, apparently a good thing despite causing the crash of the cajas with the help of incompetent, venal and criminal, local politicians playing at bankers.

    They have no knowledge of how the EU ‘works’, what its final aims are, nor how the Euro was designed and why it must fail or we must finally give up our entire wallet to Brussels.

  5. The existential threat facing the EU is caused by the likes of Druncker, Schulz and Merkel/Schauble.

    Wonder if next country to exit will be Magyarorszag?

    Do they really not see this?

  6. We should be getting prepared for the trials and execution of the EU’s political quislings and the same for the bureaucratic hierarchy. We need to secure the evidence now so they can’t destroy it as the system collapses. The new trials will need to held in every country as the EU-loyal traitors from each nation are brought to trial in their respective countries.

    Special attention must be paid to scum such as Europol and such-like “security” trash including the Belgian paracommando thugs who provided EU “Parliament” with its supposed “security”.

    A lot of hangings to organise.

  7. It’s just the chickens coming home to roost. You can ignore reality for only so long. Progressives have to learn this lesson time and time again (though ordinary people are the ones who tend to suffer the consequences).

    “Idealism” should be an absolute show-stopper in an aspiring politician. In an ideal world (no pun intended) the electorate would run a mile.

  8. Yet Juncker’s plans are just to seize more power for the EU. He wants a coast guard and a border force. What the EU needs to do is to force the Italians and Greeks to protect the external borders – it’s a subsidiarity problem. Basically fine them for every illegal who gets in and every unregistered asylum seeker until the Italians and Greeks protect the external border correctly.

    What Juncker and Merkel did was to try to turn it into another power grab incompetently executed by the EU.

    The real issue is that the cretins are not dealing with the pull factor – forcing illegals back and preventing asylum shopping.

  9. So the Germans want to sell us cars and we want to sell them ours, and Juncker this he is going to stop that?

    There is more of an existential threat to NATO if the EU requires us to have visas to travel in the EU. Would all our troops need to apply for a visa waiver the next time Belgium is invaded?

    Likewise Eurotunnel. What is the point of a zillion dollar rail tunnel that gets you there 1 hour faster than a plane if you need to wait for three weeks to get a visa.

    Truly the EU is run by idiots.

  10. Ken,

    The EU’s proposed solution is of course massive centralisation. Create an EU Border Force, backed up by an EU Army, and you can have secure borders again.

    “Nice little country you have there, would be shame if it were overrun with illegal immigrants.”

  11. So various Polish, Czech, Hungarian and Slovak shitlords have no intention of allowing their countries to be flooded with assorted Mustaphas, Abduls and Mlekes? Good for them I say.

  12. It is possible to run a Union, including monetary union, riven by different languages and religions. It’s called Switzerland. And yer Swiss had the good sense not to put undue pressure on their finely balanced, historically tested system by joining the EU. Would that we had had the same good sense.

  13. “There is more of an existential threat to NATO if the EU requires us to have visas to travel in the EU.”

    The US and now Canada both require on-line clearance before travel (eg, ESTA), and they are in NATO.

    The EU’s proposal would have required UK (and Irish) travellers to apply even without Brexit, because the proposal is aimed at non-Schengen visitors. It’s a little more than the EU, because Schengen includes non-EU countries.

  14. BraveFart,
    Apparently Hungary should be kicked out. Or so says a minor politician in a very minor country.

    Jean Asselborn, Luxembourg’s foreign minister, demanded the suspension or expulsion of Hungary over its authoritarianism and anti-migrant razor wire fences on its Balkan borders.
    “We cannot accept that the EU’s fundamental values are being massively violated,” he told the German newspaper Die Welt.
    “Anyone, like Hungary, who builds fences against refugees fleeing war or breaches press freedom and the independence of the justice system should be temporarily, or if needed, for ever excluded from the EU.”

    So it’s OK to violate German girls (and Austrian boys), but you must never violate the EU’s fundamental values.

  15. Some months ago the Tories wanted to make a change to a disability allowance. There was a concerted campaign against it by the usual suspects and George Osbourne backed down. That’s democracy. I don’t agree with the decision but the government listened to a protest.

    If I disagree with some EU tax or ruling and take my protest to Brussels what happens?

    A – I’ve wasted my time because the EU is in Strasbourg that week

    B – My MEP comes out, listens to me and says they will take my case to the commission

    C – I get ignored because the EU isn’t interested in the opinions of mere citizens

    D – I get beaten up by the Belgian police for protesting?

    I am genuinely interested to hear from anybody who knows.

  16. Theophrastus:-

    I’m sure illiary’s team believe him. They may even be sending him an email, asking permission to use this lie (oops! line) & will happily swap it for one their candidate has successfully used….

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