Oh, go on, yes, please, please, puleeeeeze

Labour MPS have been forced to run a gauntlet of hard-left activists calling them “traitors” and demanding that they were deselected because of their opposition to Jeremy Corbyn.

Group including the “Labour Party Marxists” and Socialist Labour were on Sunday stationed outside the entrance to the party conference in Liverpool demanding that moderates are not allowed to fight the next general election.

The groups called on its members to “use all the weapons at our disposal” to take on the MPs trying to depose Mr Corbyn.

Purge the candidates list of everyone not calling for immediate revolution!

Let’s kill off the Labour Party once and for all……

10 thoughts on “Oh, go on, yes, please, please, puleeeeeze”

  1. Another political faction killed off by the fact they are utterly convinced they (and only they) are correct, the holders of the one and only truth.

    Never change, never adapt.

    Irony is, they are probably hugely vocal dawsonites who profess evolution to be their only (other) faith

  2. In other news, expect, once the boundary review is complete and Labour has split and devolved even further into petty factional infighting, the Govt to call a snap election and be returned with an eye-watering majority.

  3. And if May and her gang aren’t really working hard on Brexit then the result won’t bring much more of a smile to BluLab faces than to ZaNu mugs.

    They have no need to put Brexit by the HoC(unts), The Referendum act did what was needed.

    And if the Remain gang had won there would be no talk of the HoC(ockrot) having to “OK” that decision.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    I can’t see a snap election.

    I agree with Theo on Brexit, but also they need to get the boundary changes through and then get a Bill passed to allow the election which need a number of Tory MPs to vote themselves out of a job.

  5. Conservative Party Conferences have always had left-wing nutters outside shouting Scum! Now Labour are discovering what it’s like.

  6. I suppose deselection is a step up from what the “Labour Party Marxists” would really like to do to the squishies viz. a bullet in the ear in the basement of their Victoria St. Lubyanka. Вся власть – Советам!

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