Oh, right

Draghi: EU must redistribute wealth and strengthen borders to save the union

Wealth redistribution – the only reason for the EU to do that would be because it is cross border.

So, get the Germans to pay Greek pensions.

The only problem being the Helmuts just aren’t going to do it.

10 thoughts on “Oh, right”

  1. The encounter of the irresistible force and the immoveable object at the heart of the EU and why it will eventually break up in acrimony. Inevitably.

    Since the introduction of the euro the only question has been when? and how many will die?

    Sorry that’s two questions. Comprehensive educashun showing.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Every time Draghi talks about “redistribution” I get the feeling that his bank account is at one end of that deal.

    Strengthen the borders. Then we will talk. Some how I can’t help feeling they believe in one of those more than the other.

  3. (Yes they’re using the 60% of median income metric, so a German pensioner is still far richer than a Greek one; but this is the current level of debate in Germany.)

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    Andrew M – “Germans have to look after their own first before funnelling more cash to the Greeks”

    Look after their own and 1.5 million Muslims. Plus a lot more rape victims.

  5. SMFS,
    It’s politics. The 1½ million man mob only compete against the young; they have little impact on the elderly. I assume that German old folk, just like Brits, vote in much higher numbers than the young.

  6. “Anti-globalisation forces are closing borders and reversing progress made in recent years”

    Anti-globalisation forces = domestic governments.

    This is all pretty blatant stuff from Draghi. Is this really what the people of Europe want? Mass transfer of their wealth to strangers, the dilution of their nationhood in a march to vague ‘globalisation’?

    The biggest ‘lie’ of the referendum was the Remainers covering up the EU’s true direction.

  7. Maybe a metric that shows Germany has problems at home it has to deal with is conveniently useful when being asked to spend money elsewhere

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