Politico questions we can answer yes to

Is Donald Trump qualified to be president?

Answer here:

No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty five years, and been fourteen Years a resident within the United States.

All he’s got to do is win enough votes and he’s qualified. Because that’s rather whut this democracy shit means, y’see? Duh peeple vote ‘n’ dat’s dat.

7 thoughts on “Politico questions we can answer yes to”

  1. Projection isn’t just for people who work at the Odeon:

    potential President Donald John Trump – an opaque candidate who has hidden behind a steel curtain of one-liners, faux familiarity and universal celebrity.

    Damn that elusive Trumpernel – constantly hiding in press conferences and public speeches and his ubiquitous social media presence!

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s a big night for Hillary Clinton too. She’s got a lot to prove, for real, namely that she’s not the lying, self-dealing crook many Americans think she is

    Forsooth, she should be known as Poor But Honest Hillary.

    But the spotlight belongs on Trump, who is in need of a rigorous job interview. Clinton deserves the same, but she is already the single most scrutinized, parsed, vetted, investigated, attacked and plaudited non-incumbent to ever seek the presidency.

    Maybe her fans in the press corps will roll her oranges with softball questions written on them? But shut up, bigots! This is about that mysterious enigma Trump.

    Trump is something of a black box – running on a few big and broad ideas (curbing illegal immigration, ditching bad trade deals, restoring American prosperity to the working class and obliterating political correctness).

    How un-presidential of him!

    He’s bad with facts and the truth, and perhaps worse, takes perverse pride in being a D student who doesn’t read books, has the sketchiest sense of history, doesn’t read briefing materials, and, according to aides and ghostwriters, can’t even sit still long enough to be given a thorough verbal briefing.

    What Americans really want in their president is a criminally gifted apple polishing policy wonk who can remind everybody that the bloke whispering into her earpiece has memorised the name of Latvia’s foreign minister!

    These are not nasty, biased, liberal opinions

    Indeed not! These are the opinions of Glenn Thrush, the intrepid reporter who once took his lips off Obama just long enough to point out he had “candidate envy” over not being assigned to Jesus Hussein Obama’s campaign bus.

    This is perfectly normal journalistic behaviour, speaking truth to power, racists!

    The rest is yadda yadda bollocks where our heroic boy reporter accuses Trump of being a broke liar and ignoramus who wants to torch the US Constitution. Physiognomy is real.

  2. “Duh peeple vote ‘n’ dat’s dat.”

    Kinda – ‘cept from dat whole Pres chosen by Electoral College gig ‘n not directly or proportionally by da peeps malarkey. Mmmm, daddyo? etc.

  3. Don’t remember these accusations of being unqualified for president being bandied about when Obama run, mentioned that to a Hillary supporting colleague and he claimed it was because Obama at least considered and thought meaningfully thoughts about presidential stuff and world affairs etc. and trump doesn’t care, isn’t intelligent enough and can’t concetrate long enough to be president and he’s racist. It’s amazing how people swallow the racist buffoon message

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