Prem Sikka is the lad, isn’t he?

There is a temptation to let the lying dogs sleep. A good example of this is the information provided by whistleblower Hervé Falciani, which showed that HSBC’s Swiss operations might have helped wealthy people to dodge taxes. Only one individual from the Falciani list of some 3,600 potential UK tax evaders has been prosecuted. In January, HMRC quietly abandoned its investigation.

This is evidence that his friends in the PCS should get more money by increasing HMRC’s budget.

Except of course that’s not what really happened, is it?

The leaked HSBC files held the names of 6,800 British individuals and companies. Due to duplication, this involved 3,600 individuals. One thousand were subjected to a full HMRC probe, which yielded £135 million in back-taxes and penalties.
Criminal prosecutions could not be taken on the back of the leaked Swiss files alone, Gauke told MPs, because the Crown Prosecution Service believed that corroborating evidence would be needed for a guilty verdict.
In a statement, HMRC said it has brought in £2 billion in previously unpaid taxes from Switzerland and Liechtenstein, adding that the maximum penalty now for hiding money in tax havens is 200 per cent of the tax evade.

5 thoughts on “Prem Sikka is the lad, isn’t he?”

  1. £135m, enough to keep the State fed for less than 2 hours.

    £2bn, enough for just over 24 hours.

    Keep going chaps, I’m sure that Treasure Island of trillions in untaxed money is out there somewhere. It must be, a load of mentally ill people keep telling me it is.

  2. Prem Sikka’s article was a long shopping list of falsehoods. It is quite clear he knows nothing at all about his subjecattercliffe here.

    Frankly and astonishingly, even Richard Murphy would be embarrassed to put his name to this article.

    …Actually Richard Murphy probably wouldn’t be.

  3. I think Sikka would make quite a competent and affable maître d’ in an Indian restaurant.

    “I recommend the Tikka sir, it rhymes with my surname.”

  4. Prem Sikka, whose company, The Association for Accountancy and Business Affairs, runs its webpages in someone’s user space at California State University, Stanislaus and has for the past decade had income of less than £2000 each year, and feeds up to £1000 a year to TJN.


  5. Over on TRUK Ritchie has blogged the Labour Party review of HMRC – written by Prem Sikka which basically says:

    – appoint a supervisory board (me & Ritchie, obviously)
    – expand HMRC & pay them more & re-open local offices (PCS payback)
    – sod privacy, publish returns for people we don’t like
    – re-write GAAR as Rirchie says.

    He really is the lad!

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