Ritchie complains about this

Huge revisions to Irish GDP levels that led to “leprechaun economics” claims earlier this year were almost completely caused by Apple re-arranging its tax affairs after the Government closed off tax loopholes.

Economic analysts revealed the situation last night saying the move led to the multinational giant shifting more of its intellectual property into Ireland, resulting in the firm paying out substantially more in corporation taxes to this country.

Man who has been shouting that Apple must pay more tax now complains because Apple is paying more tax.

13 thoughts on “Ritchie complains about this”

  1. Of course, the EU decision is something that Ritchie should campaign against as his thumb-up-the-arse calculations on Unitary Taxation mean nothing is due to Ireland as nothing goes on there.

  2. Anyone know how many Apple products Murphy uses? He has at least a MacBook, a Mac and an Ipad I seem to remember, don’t know about his phone.

    He seems to be quite a loyal Apple consumer

  3. @ Blue Eyes
    Oh, yes – they do.
    Monopolies dictated by the state and run by their pals, for their pals (whether or not the state nominally owns them). If their disastrous failures become impossible to hide and the blame is pinned on the CEO, they create a £24,902 p.a. “job” out of thin air for her to take when she resigns.

  4. @Bravefart,

    MacBook Air (he moaned in blogs when it stopped charging at 4 years old, then begrudgingly admitted the store did a good job to get it working again)
    iPad – main blogging tool when commuting between Norfolk and the big smoke
    iMac – screen shot crazy when blogging
    Changed his iPhone for a Samsung with lots of crowing when the 4 year old iPhone battery gave in

  5. Government changes its tax laws, company rearranges their methods to take advantage of or bypass the issues raised….
    Pretty normal in business?

  6. He changes his phone because the battery is flat??? Does he also throw away his car because it’s run out of petrol?

    (There was a Judge Dredd story on these lines)

  7. Bloke in Costa Rica

    iPhones don’t have removable batteries so if it stops taking a charge you might as well replace it. Mine’s 2 1/2 years old and works just fine.

  8. Noel

    Some point-scoring sophists might aver that people who have an obvious affinity with overpriced branded products like Apple are thick suggestible types who have succumbed to advertising, which is a socially useless activity – if not actively damaging to society – as postulated, ad nauseam, in authoritative, nay seminal, texts such as the Courageous State and the Joy of Tax.

    Oh, wait………..

  9. Funny how I and all the other software engineers of my acquaintance use, in descending order of preference, Macs; Linux machines; Windows. Actually, it’s more like Macs; Linux machines; Speak ‘n’ Spell; an abacus; a leaky box full of washers and cowshit; Windows.

  10. and mechanics prefer to work on Ferraris rather than Citroen 2CVs. You have to go where the readily available money is.

  11. BraveFart – or some of us enjoy our apple products.
    Still using my ipod purchased over a decade ago. Still using my ipad purchased several years ago.
    Never used an iPhone.

  12. iPhones don’t have removable batteries so if it stops taking a charge you might as well replace it.

    Err, yes, but …

    iPhones do have _replaceable_ batteries. It takes a modicum of dexterity, a degree of self-confidence, and a tool pack that the 3rd-party suppliers bundle in with the new (and better than the simple replace Apple part if only because battery technology is ever improving.)

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