Ritchie on EU QE

Three thoughts. First, there is no inflation, and that was the desire.

D’ye think he got to the part of the textbook where they say monetary policy usually has an 18 month time lag? We’re currently 12 months or so in……

15 thoughts on “Ritchie on EU QE”

  1. Well no, I don’t think he can have because he hasn’t written it yet.

    Any previous attempts at economic theory are neo-literal.

  2. Worstall you neoliberal troll

    Candidly The previous textbooks and indeed all economic theory prior to 1945 was invalid as conclusively proven by me at Southampton university

    Shall we deal in reality?

    My superior understanding of economic issues has been proven by the popularity of my book and my appearances before Commons Select Committees.

    Yet you choose to ignore that

    That is your last contribution here

  3. Murphy sure likes his Neos, hardly a post is made by him without at least one disparaging reference to neo-liberals etc.

    One might almost think he was a Smith from the Matrix.

  4. BF

    I have to wonder how many Blue pills (Or indeed pills of any colour) Murphy has been ingesting to be bale to spout such continuous nonsense almost day in, day out….

  5. To be fair, it’s true that EU QE is pretty young, but the precedent is there – USA, GB, Japan (arguably 20 years thereof) and it has not resulted in inflation in those currencies. So the Euro is likely to follow suit, one would have thought.

  6. According to some people on the internet I am indeed an N.
    Still, I suppose that’s better than being an M, a G or a P.

  7. hats off to Mike Hunt and Mike Oque over on TRUK.

    It must be so relaxing to live such a sheltered life…

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