Seems entirely fair

Brexit negotiations could cost taxpayer tens of millions of pounds, says report

Spend tens of millions now, once, to avoid tens of billions a year off into the indefinite future.

Don’t we call this investment? Tens of millions on vaccines in order to avoid the cost of the mass deaths of the newborn? Spend now on killing rats in order to avoid the plague in the future perhaps being more apposite in this case?

12 thoughts on “Seems entirely fair”

  1. Could cost 10s of millions. But we could jest say “What’s to negotiate?” and leave it at that. If the EU want to come back and negotiate lower tariffs foir their exports to the UK, they can pick up the tab.

  2. Well that’s a lot cheaper and massively better value than Chilcot. Quicker too, I hope.

    If the whole EU falls apart as a result of Brexit, then an entire little continent will be saved even more billions and, who knows, June 23rd will become international Brexit day.

    Makes one proud to pay taxes – might even buy a FTM as a post-ironic commemoration.

  3. It’s not like staying in the EU saves us from negotiations about treaty changes. For example, how much did the European constitution negotiations cost, particularly for countries that had the vote.

  4. No negotiation, just implement no uncontrolled immigration, no UK import tariffs, no UK export tariffs. Done. Where do I pick up the cheque?

    If the EU want to punish their exporters by making it more expensive for UK consumers to buy their products, that’s their lookout; if the EU want to punish their consumers by making it more expensive for them to buy UK products, that’s their lookout. We should impose absolutely zero tariffs from our end.

  5. Dongguan John (in the sticks in the Philippines)

    Isn’t tens of millions just change down the back of the sofa for the British government? Bet they spent that on that G20 jolly to Hangzhou the other week.

  6. So we could recover the money in about one day of EU contributions? Two at a stretch?

    That’s a high payback project.

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