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Why a forgotten 1930s critique of capitalism is back in fashion

The forgotten critique is the Frankfurt School. Critical theory……the theory which seems to be the ruling force of absolutely every university department not devoted to sums.

That forgotten theory.

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  1. “Seventy years ago the thinkers and writers of the Frankfurt School warned of capitalism’s drift towards a cultural apocalypse. Has it already happened, but we’ve been too uncritical to notice?”

    That reminds me of those Christians who wonder whether the Second Coming has occurred but they have missed it.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    What do you do if you are a mediocre thinker with a book to flog on degenerate Marxists?

    All things considered the article is better than it could have been. Which is to say it is like a dog turd when it has turned white rather than one that is fresh.

  3. This is actually a near epitome of a Guardian article.

    Firstly, it’s just advertising. Okay, in this case, a book rather than the writer’s self-indulgent delusions.

    Secondly, it starts off with a completely fictional treatment of the subject matter. Of what relevance (except to Guardian readers, who are so used to accepting obvious fiction as fact) to reality is the price somebody got for some books, in a “pandering to the amour propre of the US literature academy” novel? (I note, of course, that for any academic, $4000 is a tiny, tiny library. Closer to 40 books than 1000.

    Then he waffles through the memes of recent leftist idiocy. The 99% (no, they aren’t.) Chinese workers are underpaid. Really?

    And this is already tl:dr, so I’m going to stop now ….

  4. The leftist contagion of society must be purged if we are to survive.

    Jeffries is another socialistic coprolite who talks of the omnipresent evil he endorses as “forgotten” when what is forgotten are the millions of corpses produced by the poison he slings.


  5. ” Chinese workers are among capitalism’s losers – overworked and underpaid”

    Yeah. Just speak to any of them and they’ll tell how much they’d prefer to be working in the paddy fields like their grandparents.

    FFS – the Guardian really is on another planet.

  6. “Maoist French philosopher”!

    WTF? It staggers me that cunts like that can still exist, after tens of millions dead (Maoism alone) and that the Graun monkeys can quote him approvingly.

  7. BiND, true, but only if it’s called Fascism. Dress it up and call it a Courageous State and the Left will love it.

  8. TF–
    “cunts like this can still exist.”

    Economics can’t be understood, let alone mastered, in much less than a year of intensive study of (scrupulously-made) arguments, for all practical purposes, only those put together by Von Mises.

    You can almost count ’em on your fingers and toes.

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