So the Lizard didn’t emerge from her suit in the debate then?

I think the headlines would have mentioned it?

10 thoughts on “So the Lizard didn’t emerge from her suit in the debate then?”

  1. Another symptom for John Galt

    The trouser suits are to disguise the swelling of her legs. Meds side effect or disease symptom?

  2. The media are so far in Hillary’s camp that I wouldn’t be too sure about anything that didn’t happen on live TV.

    Witness the manufactured outragee about Trump not shaking the moderators hand afterwards

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    From the excerpts I’ve listened to both of them sounded stilted and crap debaters.

    Hillary’s mea culpa on the email issue seemed to stop trump in his tracks for a few seconds. Don’t blame him to some extent, who’d expect honesty and contrition from any politician, but from Hillary that was most unexpected.

  4. Praise where it’s due:
    Bravo to her medical team! They kept her upright for ninety minutes.
    Bravo to her makeup artist! Decomposition invisible but could they hide the stench of corruption?
    Congrats to her moderator. He’s dodged whatever her team threatened to do to him.

  5. Yup. Got to give congrats to her medical team.

    They’ve managed to keep her upright and seizure free for a whole 90-minutes + extra time.

    If they can manage to do that until the inauguration then they’ve effectively “won”, by denying Trump the presidency, even if Hillary will be dead soon after.

    We all know Hillary. She wants the Whitehouse and has lied and cheated her way towards it for decades. Anyone who imagines she would give a fuck about deceiving the US electorate into electing her POTUS by hiding a degenerative disease and dying in the Whitehouse doesn’t know Hillary.

    My only question is if the medical team could hold her together during last nights debate, why couldn’t they hide her attacks previously?

    Two more debates though…still time to fuck-up majorly on TV in front of millions.

  6. Maybe timing, they had to hold back on keeping her together as they could only do it for a limited time son saved it for the debates.
    It’s amusing that for all the claims about Trump she seemed to be the one launching personal attacks the most. Also had to marvel at the BBC use of twitter comments to illustrate the debate, most probably 90% of the tweets selected were from women, so no bias there of course

  7. Everyone has made up their mind already. It would take one or the other emerging from their human body suit to make much of a difference now.

    The media remains in the tank for Hillary. I hope Trump wins so we can see their heads explode on a daily basis for eight years.

    In the meantime, who is laughing at David Ickes now? I mean, let’s face it, his is the most plausible explanation of all this.

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