Stick with the wife then

Sex in later life could make men twice as likely to have a heart attack – but bring health benefits for women, the first study of its kind suggests.

10 thoughts on “Stick with the wife then”

  1. The Laughing Cavalier

    There is an old joke about a Frenchman asking his doctor if it was safe to resume sexual relations following a heart attack. He was told that he could make love to his wife but not to his mistress.

  2. Though de la Rochfoucauld held that the chains of matrimony are often so heavy that it took more than two people to carry them.

  3. I think you’ll find that it is less the sex that’s responsible for heart attacks than the hours spent in the gym conditioning yourself for the big event.

  4. I’ve said here before: It’s my ambition to die of gunshot wounds in some other man’s wife’s bed. So for my estate, at least, this could be good news. I might not need to buy the poor sod the weapon. (Or more likely, the resident latina charge one to the housekeeping account)
    But on a general point, so what? Everything in life has a price. No-one lives for ever. Although for the overly cautious, it must feel like it.

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    The elderly tend to die in bed, (with some number of them dying on the job so to speak) or on the toilet.

    Famously a former Australian Prime Minister was found naked in a low budget hotel wearing nothing but a used contraception device. On the other hand Catherine the Great did not die under a horse as rumoured but on the porcelain throne. As did Elvis.

    Presumably the reason for this is that there are only a limited number of functions anyone in their right mind would risk straining their heart over. Stairs? No one minds taking a break half up through.

    I certainly know which I would prefer. Although preferably without the gag, stockings and orange. Although even that might be alright if at least three or four half naked Thai girls present.

  6. ‘the first study of its kind’

    Every study says it’s the first study of its kind.

    @bis, I have oft said, “I hope to be shot by a jealous husband when I’m 95.”

  7. “… but bring health benefits for women”

    Depends on what’s left in the joint bank account: The more there is, the healthier she’ll feel.

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