Tee Hee

A Syrian rebel accidentally blew himself and his comrades up while taking a selfie with a phone possibly connected to a bomb, the media reported on Friday.

The 30-second clip shows eight men from the Free Syrian Army gathering around a camera. They were sitting in front of a rebel flag as they sing into a microphone, with two rifles propped up in front of them.

The unverified footage then showed one of the men picking up a phone and holding it up to take a picture of him and the other rebels, the dailymail.co.uk reported.

A clicking noise can be heard moments before a sudden blast rocks the room, with flames and smoke obscuring the camera’s view.

19 thoughts on “Tee Hee”

  1. Julia – it happens all the time. Not always with selfies but these are often educationally subnormal people handling improvised devices. Even experts get blown up with those things, so non experts get blown up at a rate of say 20x.

  2. I’m all alongside Ironman’s “tee hee?”
    It’d have been so much funnier if there’d been a full BBC documentary crew filming it in close-up.

  3. I’d remain sceptical of this one.

    I found the same video uploaded four years ago on youtube. The explosion looks like it occurred behind the men, so it could have been hit by a shell and there hasnt been any verification on it.

  4. There was one case where a Paleostinian blew himself up because he forgot that Israel was on DST and Scumbaggistan wasn’t (because anything the filthy Hebes do they don’t or something equally retarded) and he set his timebomb to the wrong timezone. It was so choice.

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    I am skeptical. But let’s assume it is true. What is depressing is the contrast not between their incompetence and the professionalism of our Armed Forces. It is the contrast between their willingness to die for the cause and our Zero Risk, Zero casualty approach to most things.

    Sure, they are incompetent murderers. Worse than that really. The real point is that there is no shortage of young men willing to take those risks. I don’t think there is among ordinary British people either. The problem is our elites are happy to kill but not to send anyone to die. So we ineffectually bomb civilians from the air. Not much even of that.

    Civilisations do not survive because they are nice or because they deserve to. They survive because people are willing to fight for them. We are not winning this fight.

  6. I don’t know how reliable this Indian newspaper is, because the Free Syrian Army doesn’t exist any more.

    When it did exist, it was nominally on our side, in that it was against Assad (supported by Russia), against Daesh and its activities were limited to within Syria and were always intended to be so.

  7. I expect that counter fire radar has gotten very effective.

    There’s a bit in Tom Clancy’s ‘Red Storm Rising’ where a battleship fires a sighting shell & tracks it via mm wave radar to set up the fire control computer for the salvoes. That was written 30 years ago? No doubt technology can easily do the same now with incoming, or even whichever direction it’s going.

  8. The Israelis have some of the best counter-battery stuff out there. They could no doubt flatten the Gaza neighbourhood from which a rocket emanated before the rocket crew could get out, but don’t to avoid the grief from the Jew-haters in the rest of the world. It’s the whole raison d’etre behind MRSI (which is an evolution of time on target) and MLRS: you have to shoot and scoot before the enemy gets a bead on you and fires back.

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