This Hillary’s Eyes thing

Looking at the stories about Hillary’s eyes wandering around uncoordinated I note that they’re all coming from a certain corner of the internet and press.

Hhmm, so, maybe just excessive campaigning zeal. Or, you know, lies.

Then again, we all know that the media is deeply, deeply, in the tank for Hillary. They simply would not report it if it were true…..maybe.

So, what actually is the truth here? Is there anyone we would regard as even vaguely unbiased who has said something on the issue?

No, Breitbart is not unbiased here….and nor is Vox.

54 thoughts on “This Hillary’s Eyes thing”

  1. Not seen anything. But I heard the whispers about Hillary’s health for a few weeks before the whole ‘pneumonia’ thing, and dismissed them as not credible.

    Maybe something was coming to the surface. Maybe it was a lucky guess.

    But it means it’s harder to dismiss rumours going forward, as a basic heuristic.

  2. If it helps to defeat an evil leftist bitch who cares.

    The woman’s political antics have killed vast numbers of people and she and her puke husband have ordered more personal killings than Al Capone.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    Personally I think it is proof Hillary is an alien life form masquerading as a human being. You have to admit, it is almost the only assumption that explains everything about this election.

    Whatever happens, this has been the blogsphere’s election. Given the mainstream media’s mass dereliction of duty, the people in their mother’s basements in their pyjamas have owned this campaign.

    So all Americans should remember to vote for Kodos and don’t waste their vote on a third candidate.

  4. Well the gyros are shot, the optical stabilizers are on the blink and she randomly reboots. You’ll be lucky to get another couple of months out of her.

  5. Roue le Jour – “Well the gyros are shot, the optical stabilizers are on the blink and she randomly reboots. You’ll be lucky to get another couple of months out of her.”

    Well these robotic sexbots are getting better but I think these early 1970s Cherry 2000 models have been malfunctioning for a long time.

  6. They are completely immersed in the tank. If she was dead they’d cover it up and keep her going. I don’t believe a single word they say about her.

    Not that I buy the whole dementia thing either.

  7. Mr Ecks has is.

    The Left is corrupt beyond comprehension, yet we must be conspicuously unbiased while our country is destroyed.

  8. I read a doctors take on her symptoms somewhere and his best analysis was a cerebral blood clot near the optic nerve would cover the known symptoms and events.

  9. Ljh – “Chamaeleons eyes can move independently, not saying she’s a lizard…”

    You know they are having a bad election when David Icke is the rational one.

  10. I think she justs looks odd, I noticed it a few weeks ago when she was in a long coat and stooping over and her hair has been weird too.

    We all know people we haven’t seen for a few years and noticed they have gone downhill in some way.

    I was almost at the point of looking back at old pictures and videos of her to see the difference.

    There is something wrong with Hillary Clinton for sure…you just know it don’t you.

  11. Could be type 2 decompression sickness.

    Bit of a long shot, I agree.

    More pertinently, some scrutiny of her running mate is in order, since he might be POTUS before long.

  12. @Sharkboy:

    Not Parkinson’s as that is an “across the room” diagnosis, which any half-decent MD can spot. Whatever Hillary has is both neurological and causes periodic seizures and other symptoms.

    I suspect vascular dementia (Binswanger’s disease) myself, which is being suppressed by pharmacology.

    Quite frankly her supporters would drag her corpse to the inauguration if it would defeat Trump.

    She’s clearly knackered and showing her age. A presidential race for a 69 year old has got to be tough, but needing 3 people to help her up the stairs sometimes clearly shows she’s not physically fit for offices, regardless of her other horrible attributes.

  13. “So, what actually is the truth here? Is there anyone we would regard as even vaguely unbiased…”

    Well, that depends – you could watch the video and look at the photos yourself, and see the movement of her eyes they show and decide whether you regard yourself as unbiased.

  14. Let’s just hope that Congress stops whoever wins from doing much. That is the one advantage of America’s system.

  15. I have had the unfortunate problem of my eyes becoming uncoordinated once when I was suffering badly with vertigo caused by a viral infection of my inner ear. One eye could be looking straight at you and the other would be flicking all over the place. An absolutely horrid sensation, far worse than just having vertigo. I saw my GP about it to see if there was anything they could do, there wasn’t. But my eyes started flicking all over the place while I was sat in front of her; apparently this made her day as she had heard about it but never seen it.
    I have always said I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, however if it helps to keep Hilary out of the White House then flick away. Maybe she has got vertigo and that’s why she was unsteady on her feet.

  16. The Inimitable Steve

    Eh. Dunno. She’s obviously sick though. Healthy people, even at the age of 70, don’t take regular 5-minute coughing fits or do that spastic head thing or need to be helped up stairs or collapse into a van.

    She has all the vim and vigour of a poorly taxidermied sloth.

  17. She has a 6th cranial nerve palsy, probably as a result of previous head trauma or repeated strokes.

    She may also have Parkinson’s but is drugged up, or vascular dementia.

    She is on her way out.

  18. 70 yo old woman under incredible stress. And rug-munching induces cross-eyes. {Memo to self: varifocal contacts?}

  19. I think her Talisman of Immortality is on the blink and pretty soon she’s going to collapse into a heap of dust like the dude at the end of The Last Crusade.

  20. Step too far? Not for Hillary. After all, Bill’s dicking bimbos.

    I wonder, does Huma prefer shaved, waxed, trimmed or natural?

  21. I think her eyes are going to be rolling even more with Gennifer Flowers sitting in the front row, gently smiling in her direction.

    (OK, the Trump campaign deny that they’ve invited her, but they should)>

  22. Just finished watching Roger Corman’s “The Masque of the Red Death” on the Horror Channel.

    The potential for a remake starring Killery as Prospero with Bill as “Alfredo” (orig Patrick Magee) is vivid in the imagination.

  23. To be honest, my (now ex) wife used to look a bit like that after I’d given her a robust rogering. Maybe Bill’s still got it and is sticking it to her?

  24. Cal – “Bill looks even worse”

    A vegan diet will do that to you.

    I wonder why Hillary is doing it. She must be so consumed with a desire for power. She has a good chance of dying on the campaign trail much less in office.

    Perhaps she figures she needs the legal protection of high office?

  25. I’ve learned that it’s best not to eat whilst scanning the Daily Mail homepage because there are nearly always a couple of illustrated links to articles on horrendous flabby munters, Wayne Rooney or vile pustules being squeezed, etc.

    I’m now adopting the same caution for Tim’s comment threads.

  26. Aid worker marries toy boy

    Bit of a dilemma really. Admit to being 25 for the marriage or stick to 15 for the bennies?

  27. Julia, he loves her so much he can’t help himself.(Jeez, I though I was cynical.) Apparently he now has a five year leave to stay* so he made the right call.

    *For comparison, Thailand grants me permission to stay with my actual wife that I’m actually married to in 90 day increments.

  28. how does “the media is deeply in the tank for Hilary” differ from “the media recognizes how unbelievable awful Trump is”?

  29. how does “the media is deeply in the tank for Hilary” differ from “the media recognizes how unbelievable awful Trump is”?

    By not calling out Hilary’s blatant lying.

    I have no problem stating that Trump is a crap businessman, has serially abused both the compulsory purchase and bankruptcy laws and is ever-wedded to the public subsidy teat. And appears to be mind-controlled by a tribble.

    But he doesn’t have Hilary’s ‘interesting’ political history.

  30. I think we need to put some real skin in the game for these ‘I’m really in love with this economic migrant and we’re getting married’ brigade.

    How about if (s)he commits any crime while in the UK, even after (s)he’s divorced you (which (s)he will, and take your house and pension probably) the State will come after you for costs, as can the victims?

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