Timmy elsewhere

Been on a plane….

15 thoughts on “Timmy elsewhere”

  1. Timmy literally elsewhere.

    I like the way Tim has to check in to let the internet know he’s still alive. I just text the missus.

    I feel like I’ve underachieved, somehow.

  2. There was a comment on the blog here asking, well, where’s Tim? He’s not on the blog, Forbes, Twitter, where is he?

    He had a 3 am start to drive to Berlin to catch that plane at 8 am….

  3. I’m kinda dissapointed you don’t have a helicopter collect you from your hollowed-out volcano to take you to your private jet.

  4. Tim is the main antidote to Richard Murphy – almost no one has done more to discredit him. If something untoward were to happen, who would pick up the burden?

  5. Scanning that quickly I read “beer on a plane” and thought you were using the inflight WiFi to inform us you were getting pissed at 35000′.

  6. @Tim W,

    Which part of your anatomy was on a plane? Who was operating it? How much was removed? Was it painful?

    Reminds me of the Tom Sharpe novel (The Throwback iirc) where a man was using a cheese grater on his
    …. stop reading now
    ….if you
    …are squeamish

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