Treat me like a bitch

In one exchange the married father of two complained one of the prostitutes ‘treats me like a b****’.
When the sex worker replied: ‘You don’t know what it means to be treated like a b****’, Mr Vaz then said: ‘Show me… show me.’

All most amusing really.

A career awaits as a scriptwriter for pornos, obviously. They must get that dialogue from somewhere……

Actually, I do know where they get it from. They really do employ scriptwriters. The actual sex scenes are worked out between the director and performers on set. But the structure inside which they take place is written out, with the lines etc, by a scriptwriter. General consensus is that it’s about $200 a script.

3 thoughts on “Treat me like a bitch”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    General consensus is that it’s about $200 a script.

    The problem with that is that if writing the script takes more than an afternoon (I know, I know) then you are going to get nothing but fan boys. English Lit graduates who are only doing it in the hope of meeting some of the stars. Not all of them male either.

    I would have guessed this is an area where it is worth paying for a professional.

    They are citing Vaz’s texts. I assume that means one of the rent boys has, ummm what is the correct phrase?, rolled over on him and sold out. Unless he just left his phone in the pub. Is there no honour among whores?

    Speaking of which, I am warming to the Philippine’s President. I like anyone who can claim that he called Obama a son of a whore but he did not mean it personally.

  2. I don’t know what the fuss is about, Keith is not the only British man to employ a pole on the cheap to clean out his waste pipe.

  3. The only way it could be funnier is if the doorbell went and it was George Michael with an early selection box of Mars bars.

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