Uhnh Huhn

The Labour leader then provided his strongest response yet on the issue of antisemitism, describing it as “evil” and as having led to the worst crimes of the 20th century. “This party always has and always will fight against prejudice and hatred of Jewish people with every breath in its body,” he said.

So much for truth telling in politics

3 thoughts on “Uhnh Huhn”

  1. All of the worst crimes of the 20th century were committed by socialism including that version of it called fascism as a deceitful distinction.

  2. What makes this so funny is that it’s driven by political correctness rather than any belief that anti-semitism qua anti-semitism is wrong.

    So all the protestations, policy statements, speeches and any whitewash, or independent internal party report done by a baronness-to-be are worthless because at root they really hate bankers with big noses jews.

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