We tend not to react well to this tactic, do we?

Senior figures in the EU believe that Britain will give up on Brexit if they make negotiations as tough as possible, The Telegraph understands.

The British reaction to such, after an extended period of politesse etc, is to launch a few chevauchees or just randomly nut people. Victorians morphed this into gunboats shelling the local palace.

52 thoughts on “We tend not to react well to this tactic, do we?”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    The other problem is that there is no one on the British side who wants these negotiations to succeed. The government is made up of people who do not want to leave, Parliament does not want to leave, the Foreign and Colonial Office is made up of people who want to transition into retirement through Brussels.

    The aim will be to drag them out so long we will have forgotten the referendum.

  2. As Tim rightly points out, the British public won’t stand for those kind of shenanigans.

    And does the EU really want to keep the UK in against the will of the population? Oh, wait, I think we an answer that one…

  3. Match them blow for blow.

    Abolish VAT and lets see how they like those apples.

    Compile a literal death list of these EU cunts and X them off one by one over the next 2-3 decades.

    It has worked for the Clintons.

  4. Well, somewhat less drastically, our sparkling new National Cyber Security Centre could find itself with a new definition of “active cyber defence”.

  5. We should just unilaterally implement no free movement of people, no export tarrifs, no import tarrifs. If the EU wants to punish its consumers by making it difficult for them to buy British goods, and punish their businesses by making it difficult to sell to British consumers, that’s their choice.

    The biggest misdirection of the EU shenanigans is getting people to beleive that without “a deal” we will somehow be banned from selling stuff to foreigners and buying stuff from foreigners. We don’t have a trade deal with China or the USA, yet I see thousands of iPhones in people’s hands. Presumably, then, they’ve been smuggling them in.

  6. Are those cunts really so fucking cretinous? (Yes, I know the answer to this one!)

    Have they thought this through to the end? (No, of course not.)

    Who gains and who loses when, two years after article 50 is triggered, we walk away without a deal? It’s not going to be us that loses out, that’s for sure.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    ” If the EU wants to punish its consumers by making it difficult for them to buy British goods,”

    The consumer stopped being a concern of the EU elite a very time ago, if it ever was. The populace is there to vote on ever closer union in countries that have constitutions that require a referendum and to pay for sinecures for the elite.

  8. There are so many, many reasoned arguments for leaving the EU. I can’t help feeling though the referendum was won because people felt like I did when those “warnings” came in from the EU, from the WTO, from France, from Germany, even from pipsqueaks in Ireland and Luxembourg: fuck you Wankers; bring it on!

    And the beauty from perspective is these negotiations do not need to ‘suceed’. The world and indeed Europe will trade with us come what may. And Ireland will break every rule in the book to keep trade open.

  9. “EU officials” don’t matter anyway (even the Council President).
    It will come down to what the net-contributing members of the Council think should happen, since they’re the politicians, which will probably boil down to what Merkel can stomach. With an election looming, German businesses will probably be considering the effect on them (and through them, the wider working electorate) and making their nervousness known. It stands to reason that Rumpy Pumpy suggests waiting until after the German election for Article 50, since that works in EU’s favour.

  10. “Rule 1 – never join a club that’ll make it difficult for you to leave. Cos that’s not a club, it’s a cult.”

    You would think that apocalyptic threats from ‘friends’ about leaving would have been a bit of a red flag for the Remainers – but no. I think they secretly like being fucked over by small men from Brussels. It’s the ‘liberal’ cultural cringe with a homosexual tinge.

  11. “He also warned Europe would accept economic pain to defend its core principles”

    Well, given that the EU has been happy to damage or even destroy economies with the Euro, there’s little surprise there.

  12. Sorry, but I’d say Julia has it right for Brits.
    Lot of fighting talk on here. But how many of you would turn jaw-jaw into war-war? It’s hard to find a more supine bunch than the Brits. As soon as you have an admonishing finger waved in your direction you’ll cringe & submit.
    That’s why the only faction willing to back threats with force always wins, in the UK. Why it keeps being dragged to the left.

  13. I thought the way we traditionally reacted was to refuse to allow the jumped up little bastards to interrupt dinner, ignore them completely until we’d finished and THEN wreak havoc, no matter what the odds.

    I think perhaps the best way to ensure the long-term success of these negotiations – namely, the total disintegration of a pointless union run by a bunch of utter cockwombles – is to sack David Davis, put Nigel Farage in charge, put Marine Le Pen at his right and draft in Donald Trump once he’s finished winning his popularity contest. “If we make the negotiations difficult enough then they’ll gi… Oh, fuck, look who’s here.”

  14. Bloke in Spain – we’re hardly being dragged to the left, are we? Sure, that happened when Tony Blair was in charge, but since we saw what a mess Gordon Brown made we’ve watched the Lib Dems self-destruct and Labour are well on their way to join them. Hopefully they’ll make enough of a mess that UKIP will be the party of opposition after the next election.

  15. BiS–The issue is not balls but what can practically be done.

    If it comes to fighting that only works with a credible chance of winning. People fought for Brexit and won. At the moment regular letters are going off to everybody I can think of demanding action on Brexit. If everyone who voted leave sent one letter a week the sheer voting muscle that represents would show the Leopard-Print Skank that there is no escaping the hook and A50 would happen in short order.

    Never mind slagging people–think up some tactics we can use to pressure the polipigs.

  16. Bloke in North Dorset

    ““He also warned Europe would accept economic pain to defend its core principles””

    I on der what the average German on their equivalent of the Clapham omnibus thinks about thei trade off between being poorer and the EUs core principles.

  17. BiND–It doesn’t matter because the EU cock-rot leadership don’t give a rat’s arse what little people want.

    Which is why we voted Brexit.

  18. @BiS

    ‘Sorry, but I’d say Julia has it right for Brits.
    Lot of fighting talk on here. But how many of you would turn jaw-jaw into war-war? It’s hard to find a more supine bunch than the Brits.’

    War over what? And when? Julia talked about breeding – like it’s innate, and has happened, and is immutable. It’s not, it’s about circumstances. We have an in-built respect for the law because we’re the country which basically gave the world the rule of law and we still – for all our admitted problems – are a country pretty much run under the rule of law. Spain is about due another coup – when did we last have one? Is that because we’re ‘supine’? No, it’s because there’s been no need. We’re reasonably well-off, we’re reasonably free (sure, I’d like us to be freer, and we are getting less free, but), we don’t have the widespread corruption in the legal and political system that many or most other countries have, we have a reasonable system of checks and balances and so on. That’s not to say we have no corruption – people are involved – but it’s extremely hard to get to a British high court judge. It’s not hard to get to a Pakistani one, or an Italian one, or a Spanish one.

    Now, it is true that it’s getting harder to say the above with a straight face, but it’s only a matter of circumstances. We don’t fight the system particularly hard because we don’t need to, really. Yet.

    All that said, supine about what? There’s a lot of shit I don’t like. The smoking ban, for one (though I don’t smoke). But am I supposed to ‘fight’ that? Firstly, you can smoke in our village pub, people do it a fair bit, but we either have a system where we elect MPs to make laws and kind of sort of abide by them, or we ignore the laws and are no different from our continental cousins. Your average Englishman – or Brit, really – is a lot more up for a fight than your average Spaniard, or German. It’s just that he only fights over trivial shit (did you look at my bird, what team do you support) or serious shit (war). The middling stuff, we just muddle along with.

  19. @Mr Ecks
    “Never mind slagging people–think up some tactics we can use to pressure the polipigs.”
    Why should I bother? Not my problem. Even Spain’s not my problem. We’ll be off in a couple years. Place even the army stays clear of.

  20. Ummm…. the British public will stand for quite a lot of things.
    We accept political parties promising things to get into power then not doing them for years. Or never. We accept scandal in political parties. We accept MPs nicking money.
    We can accept Brexit not happening.

  21. Why the need for aggression?

    There are numerous regiments of French Tyre-Burners a short march from Brussels.

    Do we even need to get involved?

  22. Martin: You might –I won’t.

    And enough others won’t. So long as we still have votes we can do damage.

    And if voting goes the way the EU/NWO want it to then beyond that is violence.

    Better that and death than tyranny. They are certainly getting ready to use violence on us.

    Not doing anything violent because a bunch of cunts didn’t keep the low level false promises that they never have in the past is one thing.

    Being sold down the river to brazen tyranny is another. If we kill only one evildoer each before we die that will gut them.

    They can only push their luck so far.

    And best of all they can’t deliver goodies. Agenda 21 seems credible to me because a tyrannical socialist New Order could only deliver mass death.

    Even then, once they start that they will get Mad Max world rather than the elite’s paradise they fantasise for themselves.

  23. We can accept Brexit not happening

    Actually, yes. Were circumstances to so arrange themselves that leaving the EU became a serious mistake, we can stay in. The referendum has no legal status. However, this would have to be backed by a very obvious shift in the facts, and the public mood.

    You can see this as appalling, or as one of the beauties of our astonishingly resilient constitution.

    Don’t forget: everyone knew that we wouldn’t vote Brexit either.

  24. If there were a super-coup in the EU in which the poli-gangsters were all hung, the bureaucracy smashed, the imports exported and the whole continent made into a libertarian paradise it might well be a time to reconsider.

    Since NONE of that is going to happen this side of disaster and collapse forget it Remain-freaks.

    It is over.

  25. I worry about this business of needing lots more bureaucrats to negotiate free trade agreements.
    Surely all you need is someone with official authority, a pen and a rubber stamp. That’s free trade.

  26. “I worry about this business of needing lots more bureaucrats to negotiate free trade agreements.”

    If it were just a matter of tariffs (or not) it would probably be easier, especially with inward free trade as a principle, although with the EU’s protectionist and entirely self-abosrbed nature, it still wouldn’t be that easy. The detail arrives with standards and regulations, at least for regulated goods and especially services (eg, finance), both at global level and bilaterally. It’s not so much bureaucrats then, but specialists in a given area, even to know what the issues are for compliance, say.

    As to the “making life difficult” aspect of the original news article, the EU officials keep forgetting that the UK is a large net contributor to the EU budget, which has some implications for Article 50, including the future funding guarantees for those lavish pensions for EU bureaucrats (and they are lavish), and contributions to all those many programmes that foolishly were allowed to be managed by the EU instead of by new organisations. At least the UK is spared any further contribution to support the pretendy Parliament and the Commission itself.

    If the EU is foolish enough to refuse to negotiated properly under Article 50, then in two years’ time, without an agreement about shares of EU’s large debt, in exchange for other things of interest to the UK, the UK will have left, with all those obligations left behind.

  27. Err, why don’t we just stop paying them money and do whatever we want with trade/immigration etc unilaterally? WTF are they going to do? Take us to the European court we no longer recognise? Invade?

    Nobody is going to get violent about it, we are in a wonderful position of just being able to do what we want. Trigger article 50? Why bother? Bye.

  28. “A lovely video of Parisian September to remind us of what we have lost be leaving the EU.”

    Lots of PhD holders, I imagine. Just the people needed for a dynamic, advanced service-based economy!

  29. “Trigger article 50? Why bother? Bye.”

    Because the UK signed not just an agreement but an international treaty that stated that the way to leave the EU was specified in Article 50. We could get the agreement of the other parties to abrogate the treaty or a part of it (which is done by another treaty) but that seems even harder than getting agreement by Qualified Majority Voting under Article 50. The United Kingdom has anciently held that breaches of obligations by other parties allow an innocent party to abrogate a treaty or more usually relevant treaty provisions unilaterally. (So I suppose there might be an argument that if Article 50 is invoked but not handled as the article requires, the UK might be within its rights to consider denunciation.) Except in cases involving acts of war or similar serious breach, I don’t think the UK has abrogated a treaty unilaterally.

    Early in one of Wilson’s penultimate term of office, looking to save money in yet another balance of payments crisis, they discovered that they’d have to continue funding Concorde, because the programme had been established by treaty, and the French wouldn’t let them back out.

  30. Quite
    Where are they going to find £13B a year.
    That Nazi guilt schtick on the krauts is probably wearing a bit thin.

  31. Dear Mr Worstall

    Easy solution – give notice under Article 50. Do nothing for 2 years. We are out.

    This requires that Our Beloved Government™ will actually invoke Article 50. Too many of them are so in love with the EU and all its implied benefits for people in government, politicians and bureaucrats alike, that they may be happy to continue to sell the people of Britain for personal gain: power, wealth, respec’, dachas, Zil lanes, tax free shopping and the like.

    The migrant crisis may be their way of ensuring we remain in the EU – encourage the mass invasion of Europe, establish alien colonies everywhere and wait for the inevitable insurgencies which will guarantee that Europe will become and remain a militarised police state for generations to come. Maybe even a thousand years.


  32. That Paris video is quite shocking.
    I note a lot of very lazy working (or fighting) age males – too lazy even to pick up rubbish. This will definitely end well.

  33. The fact that the EU doesn’t want to start negotiating until after the German elections tells us everything we need to know about where the power really lies

  34. If you need some additional gunboats I am happy to lobby the government to send some your way. Leveling European production worked wonders for the American economy last century and it might just work again.

    Now what interesting IP, in addition to the Sabre engine, can you send our way for the modern lend-lease?

  35. “It’s hard to find a more supine bunch than the Brits. As soon as you have an admonishing finger waved in your direction you’ll cringe & submit.”

    We Brits have voted to leave and we will leave. Nobody else has; we have. So “hard to find a more supine bunch than the Brits” is complete weapons-grade bollocks.

  36. SE,

    If you don’t want overkill we could just load some river barges with machine gun equipped pick-up trucks manned by guys with beards. The EU will just call then refugees and we can pick off key points with no resistance.

    Note: This is an insult to competence of the EU. Any reference to currently evil religious groups is merely to advance strategic objectives.

  37. So Much For Subtlety

    Ironman – “We Brits have voted to leave and we will leave. Nobody else has; we have. So “hard to find a more supine bunch than the Brits” is complete weapons-grade bollocks.”

    Greenland voted to leave the EEC. They did leave the EEC. Although they voted to leave to regain control of their fisheries but a specific part of the leaving agreement was that the EU retained the right to their fish. It remains to be seen if we will. Greenland shows what you get if you have treasonous elites.

    As for being supine, you regularly push the Guardian line on virtually every issue. You called people who complained about Rotherham racists. You may not think you are supine but that is because you have internalized the enemies’ beliefs to the point you do not even recognise them.

  38. Oh sorry SMFS, didn’t you realise you could be patriotic, be proud of your nation and it’s people AND not be a Thick.Racist.Prick?

    Oh yes, and I complained long and hard about Rotherham and didn’t call people who also cplaned about it racist. I called you a racist…and thick with it.

  39. Ironman – “Oh sorry SMFS, didn’t you realise you could be patriotic, be proud of your nation and it’s people AND not be a Thick.Racist.Prick?”

    That is irrelevant. And of course not true. As social justice warriors like you claim that being proud of your people is racism. We have to be internationalists and treat all people equally.

    But mostly it is irrelevant.

    And your abuse of people who pointed out Rotherham is too recent and too strong to deny now.

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