Well, yes…..

Just time to pop to Marks & Spencer to try out its Empire Pie, a sort of Indian version of shepherd’s pie. I will be buying one a week from now on.

I hadn’t heard of Empire Pie until the screeching leftie historian Louise Raw condemned it for glorifying the oppression of millions under the jackboot heel of British colonialism. Ban this fascist pie, etc.

I think it’s fair to say not everyone who responded to Raw’s comments thought she was sane — not least the man who said he would boycott tartar sauce out of respect for those murdered by Genghis Khan’s hordes.

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    The British Empire was the best thing that ever happened to the human race. The only thing better has been the following American domination of the planet.

    Only the British and then the Americans allowed the human race to escape the Malthusian trap of living on about a dollar a day. Only the British discovered drugs like penicillin that cured billions of people.

    Stupid academics should fall to their knees and thank the Lord for giving us to the world.

  2. The reference is presumably to the Indian Empire. So it could be called the Trains and Drains Pie by lefties, to avoid the nasty word.

    P.S. I was reading recently about the period when what is now Indonesia was dominated by Hinduism. Amazingly, the expression”colonization period” turned out to refer to the Dutch, not the Hindus, or the Moslems. Odd, that.

  3. The Huffington Post article on this imbecile features one of the greatest Twitter trolls responding, @SkipLicker – for those on Twitter would recommend – the kind of attitude I wish those in authority would show to the likes of Louise Raw. She needs sectioing for Christs sake – not indulging.

  4. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/09/18/eight-people-injured-during-stabbing-attack-at-minnesota-mall/

    A man making “some references to Allah” stabbed and injured eight people in a shopping mall in the US state of Minnesota on Saturday night, before being shot dead by an off-duty officer, police said.

    The suspect “asked at least one person if they were Muslim before he assaulted them,” Blair Anderson, the police chief in the city of St. Cloud where the attack took place, told journalists.

    Not seen any reaction from the presidential candidates yet, but the local cops seem to be doing Hellary’s work for her:

    But he emphasised that the assailant’s motivation remained unclear and said “whether that was a terrorist attack or not, I’m not willing to say that right now because we just don’t know.”

  5. There’s just no way of knowing what causes Muslims to scream ALLAH SNACKBAR and slaughter gay nightclubbers in Florida, little girls in France, or shoppers in St. Cloud, and then say they did it for Islam.

    Could it be Brexit? Or global warming? Perhaps they’re concerned about inequality?

    It’s a riddle, wrapped in a mystery inside a burkha. Just no way of knowing.

  6. Note the decadence of leftie historian Louise Raw: she is comfortable enough to attack that which keeps her alive.

  7. “Only the British discovered drugs like penicillin that cured billions of people.”

    Well, the British, and Howard Florey the Australian.

    And SkipLicker is indeed a new star.

  8. Reminds me of when I ordered shepherds pie in a top hotel in Dehli I was just recovering from a bout of food poisoning and was easing myself in gently with something nice and plain – imagine my disappointment when I realised that the mince was curried…at least it was 20 years ago and so no one had heard of cultural appropriation.

  9. I’m running out biscuits to buy. Maryland Cookies? After their war on the Susquehannock people? No way. Bourbons? Well, they deserved stringing up. Jaffa Cakes are tax avoiders. Rich Tea? Like I’m going to suport a biscuit named after the neoliberal 1%. Oreo? American.

    I generally stick to Garibaldi who was a revolutionary that helped to create republics in South America.

  10. BiW,
    Jaffa cakes are (presumably) made with Jaffa oranges, from the town of Jaffa in Israel. Any self-respecting SJW is boycotting Israel.

  11. @AndrewM,

    Yeah, but Jaffa is the Palestinian bit of Tel Aviv (or, more historically accurately, Tel Aviv is the Jewish outgrowth of Jaffa).

    Telling an SJW that will make their head asplode.

    If you’re ever in Jaffa look up the Abu Lafia bakery. So delicious there are two of them opposite one another. Can’t do better for Israeli-Arab street food.

  12. Oh fuck, I had Yorkshire pud with my sunday lunch and I had it on the same plate as my roast potatoes (with butter and creme anglais).

    Cultural genocide is the new appropriation

  13. A proper Yorkshire pudding (in Yorkshire, as eaten by proper Yorkshire folk) is served as a starter with gravy, serving it on the same plate as the main meal is a cultural abomination.
    I don’t care about that cuz I’m from Lancs, we have our puddings at the end of the meal as a reward for eating all our veg/sprouts (sprouts are a Lincolnshire thing served as a punishment for being working class).

    A boiled parsnip sandwich counts as pudding as long as it has jam on it.

    Northern three course meal
    Starter :- Dry Bread
    Main :- Bread and Butter
    Desert: Bread and Butter pudding
    all washed down with mugs of tea ( a mug = 3/4 pint), see Orwell on the benefits and strengths of tea (a proxy northern bastard despite being born in India and living in Henly)

  14. “A proper Yorkshire pudding (in Yorkshire, as eaten by proper Yorkshire folk) is served as a starter with gravy”

    Fantastic. My great Aunt used to make it, it was a superb rectangular dish of finest concentrated stodge.

  15. My mother used to make Yorkshire puddings in muffin tins, with a beer batter and beef dripping, preheated to scorching. They’d practically float up to the ceiling. When I actually lived in Yorkshire I realised Tykes couldn’t make a yorkie pud to save their lives. They were fucking minging.

  16. Off topic, but it looks like the Berlin elections are working out as:

    Social Democratic Party (SPD) – 21.6% (28.3%)
    Christian Democratic Union (CDU) – 17.5% (23.4%)
    Die Linke (LINKE) – 15.7% (11.6%)
    Alliance ’90/The Greens (GRÜNEN) – 15.1% (17.6%)
    Alternative for Germany (AfD) – 14.1%
    Free Democratic Party (FDP) – 6.7%

    The Pirate party I cannot find any figures for. So all the mainstream parties suffered. A third of Berliners continue to vote for the Communists in one form or another. The useless FDP are back. But AfD seems to have taken a lot of votes from all the mainstream parties. In fact they may have taken more SDP votes than CDU votes. Shades of UKIP.

  17. SMFS,

    Thank you. I don’t know enough about Berlin politics to judge your analysis. At first glance it seems like things are getting interesting.

  18. Bloke in Germany in England

    AfD aren’t really a good fit for UKIP. Since the Petry coup at least, they’re less euroseptic but nastier to forriners. Consensus across the big parties is they must be stopped, but Merkel and Co don’t seem to realise that they are creating the conditions for parties like that to thrive.

  19. ‘Merkel and Co don’t seem to realise that they are creating the conditions for parties like that to thrive’

    I think this is one of the most interesting phenomena in modern politics – people electing to power people who either have not the faintest idea of what their electors want, never mind how to deliver it, or who know what they want but are determined at all costs to avoid giving it to them.

    In the specific case at hand, Merkel comes from a toxic soup of an insane left wing upbringing and her country’s Nazi past.

    Plus which she has no real issue with immigration herself – she doesn’t have to suffer any of the negative consequences (though she gets all the benefits), and her children certainly won’t have to.

  20. Of course people who questioned her on that were guilty of the most blatant mansplaining – she’s an historian don’t you know!

    So she’s sexist as well as ignorant!

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